This page describes how some batches of COVID-19 vaccines are more dangerous (and more deadly) than others — and how we can to determine which batch you (or someone you love) received…


ICAN shared this data with the folks at OpenVAERS, who were able to match it to VAERS data and put together some eye-opening analyses which appear to reveal that certain lots had an unusually high number of adverse reactions. Their graph below, for example, shows that one lot from both Pfizer and Moderna was responsible for extremely large numbers of myocarditis reports.

To read the full report from ICAN, go here. To read the analyses from OpenVAERS, go here. You can download the Moderna data here and the Pfizer data here and you can review all of OpenVAERS’ analysis of the data here, here, and here. ICAN encourages all interested parties to conduct their own analyses from the raw data.


Pfizer Periodic Safety Update Report Confirms Batch Variability (Dr. Peter McCullough, 12/01/23)

“It appears as if the ‘hot lot’ theory is confirmed. This explains why some ~32% have virtually zero side effects. We only wish everyone could be in that group. All others have some reason for personal concern…”


Pharma Insider On COVID Vaccine ‘Bad Batches’ – This Level Of Variability ‘Should Never Happen!’


“A new study has now surfaced, the results of which are terrifying. A researcher at Kingston University in London, has completed an extensive analysis of the VAERs data, in which he grouped reported deaths following the vaccines according to the manufacturer’s lot numbers of the vaccines. Vaccines are manufactured in large batches called lots. What he discovered was that the vaccines are divided into over 20,000 lots and that one out of every 200 of these batches (lots) is demonstrably deadly to anyone who receives a vaccine from that lot, which includes thousands of vaccine doses.

“He examined all manufactured vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson (Janssen), etc. He found that among every 200 batches of the vaccine from Pfizer and other makers, one batch of the 200 was found to be over 50x more deadly than vaccines batches from other lots. The other vaccine lots (batches) were also causing deaths and disabilities, but nowhere near to this extent. These deadly batches should have appeared randomly among all “vaccines” if it was an unintentional event. However, he found that 5% of the vaccines were responsible for 90% of the serious adverse events, including deaths. The incidence of deaths and serious complications among these “hot lots” varied from over 1000% to several thousand percent higher than comparable safer lots.”

— Russell L. Blaylock, What is The Truth?


How Bad Is My Batch? (Craig Paardekooper)
How Bad Is My Batch? (Craig Paardekooper – Backup Website)
VAERS Aware Bad Lot Search Page
Craig Paardekooper on Telegram: Covid Science Library
Craig Paardekooper Videos On BitChute
How Bad Is My Batch? (Steve Kirsch)

EXCLUSIVE: ICAN Obtains Critical Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Lot Information (ICAN, 07/17/23)
UPDATE: ICAN Obtains Additional And More Complete Pfizer Vaccine Lot, Dose, And Distribution Data (ICAN, 10/14/22)
Bad Pfizer Vaccine Batches Account For 4.2% Of Doses But 71% Of Serious Adverse Events (Dr. Peter McCullough – 04/13/23)

Craig Paardekooper: What’s Your Poison (pdf)
Craig Paardekooper: CDC’s Expiry List and Biologically Active Lots (pdf)

The above PDF demonstrates a 100% correlation between the CDC Expiry List, and lots that are biologically active and hence generating high numbers of adverse reactions. The practical utility of the list is that it may indicate that a lot is not biologically active if it is not on the expiry list (i.e. it may be a placebo).

Also, I demonstrated today that 75% of deaths following vaccination are in the age range 60 +. This indicates that the old are particularly vulnerable to the vaccines — consequently, they should be protected from the vaccines. Continued exposure of the old to an intervention that harms them may demonstrate intent to harm — which is not exempt from liability.


Bombshell Danish & German Studies: One In Three Pfizer Vaccine Shots May Have Been A Placebo!


Dr. McCullough: If COVID Vaccines Are So Bad Why Doesn’t Everybody Have A Side Effect? (Bad Batches Confirmed)


How Bad Is My [Covid Vaccine] Batch? Danish Batches Suggest Intentionality


Dr. Peter McCullough On Covid Vaccines: 15% Of Injected People Are Injured!

Dr. Peter McCullough:

• 80% of the deaths with Pfizer come from 30% of the lots!
• 80% of the deaths with Moderna come from 20% of the lots!


Dr. Ryan Cole & Del Bigtree Investigate Covid Vaccines In Dr. Cole’s Laboratory


Terrifying Confirmation: Different People May Be Receiving Different Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccines!

Dr. Naomi Wolf @DrNaomiRWolf via GETTR writes:

“Different vials of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, in an internal AMA document obtained by a network of researchers, duplicated in the Pfizer documents and identified by @BrianOShea, appear to have had intentionally different coded dosages of active potentially dangerous ingredients such as spike protein and LNP — up to a 5x differential — and THE AMA KNEW. FDA knew. CDC knew. You did not know. This may correlate with howbadismybatch.com and @EdwardDowd’s colleague’s VAERS chart showing a massive spike in deaths among millennials after booster rollout. Shocking shocking crime, massive unlawful medical experiment.”


Additional News, Information & Links:

‘Stunning’: The Real Reason Health Officials Won’t Let Independent Scientists Examine mRNA Vaccine Vials (Joseph Mercola – 09/13/22)
Exclusive: ICAN Obtains Crucial Pfizer Vaccine Lot, Dose, And Distribution Information (ICAN – 07/29/22)
Pfizer COVID Vaccine Safety Varies From Lot To Lot (05/14/22 – The Epoch Times)

How to Search Vaccine Lot Numbers on VAERS

1. Go to wonder.cdc.gov

2. Click on A-Z Index and then “V”

3. Click on Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting

4. Agree to the Disclaimer

5. Select VAERS data search

6. Scroll down to item 3

7. Enter lot # in “Vaccine lot,” a field on the righthand side of item 3

8. Press Enter

9. A table will appear with a complete list of adverse events associated with the vaccine lot number

Getting To The Bottom Of Potential Toxicity Variability Between Vax Lots (Jessica Rose – 01/20/22)
“How Bad Is My Batch” (Dr. Robert Malone – 01/13/22)

Dr. Robert Malone uses the How Bad Is My Batch? archive to track down batch numbers on the two Moderna injections he received. His personal data confirms the core claim that some COVID-19 vaccine batches are astronomically more dangerous than others; there are highly unusual, deeply disturbing inconsistencies in the way COVID-19 vaccines are being manufactured and distributed. According to Dr. Malone: “Our government had this data way back when in the VAERs system — even last summer. This data is so compelling and yet… crickets. How many people could they have helped by releasing this data? People like me, who if I wasn’t a physician and hadn’t gone to my physician could have easily dropped dead. What is wrong with our government that a site like this are not available from the CDC or the FDA?”

Death By Covid Injection Is Premeditated And Co-Ordinated, Experts Conclude (The Expose’ – 01/06/22)
How Bad Is My Covid-19 Vaccine Batch? – Find Out Now (The Expose’ – 12/16/21)
Vaccine Batches Vary Systematically In Toxicity And Are Distributed To Unsuspecting Americans By Three Companies (James Hill – 12/05/21)

If Paardekooper is correct, the implications are profound: we could be facing mass murder through coercion of Americans to play Russian roulette by vaccination. This warrants investigation by Congress, the Department of Justice, and state attorneys general. Paardekooper‘s VAERS analysis should be replicated or refuted by others, including government investigators, as soon as possible.

EXCLUSIVE – 100% Of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Were Caused By Just 5% Of The Batches Produced According To Official Government Data (The Expose’ – 10//31/21)

This investigation of VAERS data reveals several concerning findings which warrant further investigation, but it also leads to questions of why authorities within the USA which are supposed to monitor the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines have not discovered this themselves.

The data clearly shows that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign has been significantly more harmful and deadly than the influenza vaccination campaign. This fact alone begs the question as to how the FDA advisory committee could possibly vote Seventeen to Zero in favour of approving the Pfizer vaccine for use in children aged 5 to 11.

One voting member of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee admitted that it will not be fully known whether Pfizer’s vaccine is safe for 5 to 11-year-old children, until it begins being administered.

Dr Eric Rubin of Harvard University said – “We’re never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it, and that’s just the way it goes”.

But the investigation of VAERS has also identified the specific batches of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine that have caused the most harm across the USA, which leads to other extremely serious questions requiring urgent answers.

Why is it that certain batches of the vaccine have proven to be more harmful than others?

Why is it that certain batches of Covid-19 vaccine have proven to be deadlier than others?

Why is it that the most harmful and deadly Covid-19 vaccines were distributed across the entire USA, whilst the least harmful and deadly were only ever distributed to a few states? Was this done on purpose?

Could this just be a quality control issue?

A Pfizer whistleblower from a Kansas manufacturing facility did after all reveal that “People are being made to sign off on things that normally they wouldn’t, and then they wonder why their own employees won’t take it”.


Reiner Füllmich: “The Vaccines Are Designed To Kill And Depopulate The Planet”

After hearing the witness statements to the German Corona Investigative Committee by former vice president of Pfizer dr Mike Yeadon who has been a scientist for 36 years, lawyers with Reiner Füllmich draw the same conclusion: The injections normally called Corona vaccines are designed to experiment on the human race and to find out what dosage of a yet unknown toxin is needed in order to kill people. The mortality rate linked to the vaccines, according to Yeadon, is traceable in terms of lot numbers of the different batches, as some batches appear to be more lethal than others. When taking a look at the evidence available, the main goal with the injections all over the world is global depopulation, according to the lawyers involved. Dr Füllmich told Perspektiv that the lawyers preparing an international law suit were no longer in doubt: Poisoning and mass murder through so called Corona vaccines is intentionally being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

Citizen Journalist Ulf Bittner from EU/EES Healthcare blog and Sverige Granskas stated in the interview that the situation with traceable lot numbers and injuries and death related to lot numbers is similar in the different health care regions of Sweden. Bittner is in contact with a vaccine coordinator who has provided documents to keep track of how many people have been injured and lost their lives related to the different batches of the so-called vaccines.

01:00 – Different numbers on the barcodes on the bottom of the vaccine doses are placebo which has been given to politicians according to a Slovenian chief nurse. Is it the same in other countries?

1:54 – Mike Yeadon and the LOT numbers of some shots of the brands Moderna, Johnson& Johnson and Pfizer/Biontech are related to much higher mortality than for the other manufacturers.

3:52 – The producers of the so-called vaccines are experimenting with the correct dosages to kill people according to Dr Füllmich. This according to the Corona Investigative Committee, constitute compelling evidence for punitive damages and attempted mass murder. They are intentionally killing people.

08:30 – Lawyers from India have filed complaints for premeditative murder.

09:55 – Mike Yeadon as a witness for the coming legal action against the perpetrators.

10:44 – Everyone who critizises the wrongdoings of the governments of the world is being called a ‘right wing extremist’. This has also happened to the internationally renowned scientist Mike Yeadon.

13:05 – CDC withdrew the recommendation for the PCR-tests diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 from 31/12-2021. PCR- tests are the foundation of the pandemic. Why is Anthony Fauci now doing a 180-degree turn?

17:25 – At least a million dollars per person will be claimed in punitive damages if the lawsuit is successful.

18:33 – Previously only ten percent of all adverse effects were reported. In the situation the world is right now, the team estimated that in fact only one percent of all adverse effects were being reported.

19:25 – CEO of Life insurance company from Indiana USA with 100 billions of dollars in assets said: ”Over the span of this past year there has been an excess mortality of 40 percent”. This is believed to be due to the injections.

21:05 – What substance in the vials makes them so lethal? Is it Graphene Oxide/graphene hydroxide?

22:37 – Any vaccin is a poison, it is the dosage which makes the difference. This is not a vaccine, as a vaccine provides immunity, while these products demand incessant injections. Either a vaccine works or it does not.

24:40 – This is not gene therapy either, since a gene therapy means exchanging a broken gene with a fixed one. This is more like experimenting on people, and trying to kill us.

25.15 – The doses are not tested by governments, while governments will be keeping the contracts hidden from the public for at least 55 years. How is this affecting the possibility of getting people punished? Dr Füllmich goes through all the lies paving the way for the tyrannical situation the world is now in.

28:25 – The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The producers are experimenting on lethal doses of poison. Everyone now taking part in intentional malicious infliction of harm will be punished.

30:05 – How sure are legal experts about the conclusion that Mike Yeadon has drawn from this, that it is all about depopulation and intentionally killing people through injections? If close to 50 lawyers are of the same opinion, it is regarded as “irrefutable proof”.

32:08 – Batches of injections in Sweden can be traced by an application.

32:45 – Füllmich is in cooperation with people working within the secret service of Germany who do not wish to take the injections.

34:15 – Dr Lee Merritt on combat pilots in the USA refusing to get the shots. According to Dr Füllmich, Dr Merrit explained: ”They understood that if they were forced to [get vaccinated] they were going to get killed.”

35:15 – Information is being collected on batches in Sweden from every region, the Swedish health authorities (Folkhälsomyndigheten) and medical board (Läkemedelsverket). Every batch is traceable through an application. There is economic reward for the Swedish regions which manage to get more people injected. One of the expert lawyers involved in the upcoming court hearings is a specialist on Nuremberg Trials.

38:45 – How will the trials be performed, and through what legal structure? A common design, the same structure as for the Nuremberg trials.

39:40 – Free choice should reign for members of the European Union. Consumers of health care have consumer rights. Fraud means misleading the people and consumers of health care.

42:00 – The so called vaccines are an adulterated product put on to the market. According to Mike Yeadon there is a law in the US that will make everyone liable for the harms created by the adulterated product. Toxins are being put into the vials other than the known lipids etc, which the people who took the vaccines never consented to.

43:40 – The importance of decentralization of power and national independence rather than global organizations such as the European Union telling the people what to do. Disconnecting from the banking system, NGO:s and creating independent and strong agricultural supply chains, energy supply chains etc.

46:15 – When are the trials going to take place? How will the indicements happen and how will the trials be held? One of the goals is to inform people and expose the wrongdoings by involving the alternative media so that the mainstream media won’t be able to ignore the trials. The crew is working on a new system of law in the USA, Africa and Germany.

50:48 – Dr Füllmich believes the world is close to a tipping point and the whole narrative will fall apart very very soon, maybe in a couple of weeks or months.

54:13 – Robert Malone, Robert F Kennedy and Mike Yeadon and others involved in exposing the agenda are in contact with each other, and a tour is planned with these whistleblowers in the USA in March.


“Guys, America is in a civil war — literally. Except they are not using bullets. The red states are being targeted with batches of higher toxicity. When I analyzed deaths per 100,000 vaccinated for each state, I found that red states have up to 19 x the deaths compared to blue states. So it’s a civil war. Who will they target next — what other group of our society?”

— Craig Paardekooper via Telegram


• There is considerable variation in the number dying per 100,000 vaccinated. Some states have 16 x the death rate compared to others.

• Red states tend to cluster towards the top of the chart, whilst blue states cluster towards the bottom.

• Red states occupy 6 of the 7 highest ranking positions for deaths per 100,000 vaccinated.

— Source: How Bad Is My Batch


How Some COVID Vaccines Were Intentionally Manufactured To Be More Dangerous Than Others


100% Of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths Were Caused By Just 5% Of The Batches

This video is taken from Dr. Sam White’s interview with the Corona Investigative Committee Session 85: Rethinking. The discussion includes Dr. Sam White, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Vivienne Fischer. You can watch the full interview here.


“These findings have immense legal repercussions. Immense! Once you arrive at the conclusion they are doing this deliberately, intentionally, maliciously; once you arrive at this conclusion, the flood gates are open in the United States for punitive damages . . . You can go up to 21 times the actual damage which is added on top of the actual damage. In these cases, I think you can go up to a thousand times because these people got so badly injured. I think this is going to be enough to dismantle the entire industry.”

— Dr. Reiner Fuellmich


Death By Covid Injection Is Premeditated And Co-Ordinated, Experts Conclude
By Rhoda Wilson
The Expose’
January 6, 2022

Original Story

Evidence showing patterns of death seen by Covid injection batches or lots were discussed during a session with two lawyers and two doctors. The two lawyers, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Vivienne Fischer, are members of the Corona Investigative Committee who were joined by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Sam White.

Dr. Wodarg, a German medical doctor and former politician, was instrumental in bringing to an end the falsified 2009 Swine Flu pandemic and Dr. Sam White, a UK medical doctor, has been engaged in lawsuits for many months for his stance regarding freedom of speech and informed consent.

“A recent presentation done by Dr. Michael Yeadon shows precisely how they use these different batches in order to have an experiment within an experiment. In order to try out what kind of dosages is needed in order, this is what it looks like, in order to kill people and maim people,” Dr. Fuellmich said, “this in inescapable, at least this is my view as a lawyer, this is inescapable evidence of there being premeditation. And once you have premeditation there is no immunity for anyone anymore. Not even in the United States.”

“It is not true that there is the same stuff in each shot,” Dr Wodarg said. Adding that there is hard evidence that the batches have different effects. Dr. Wodarg presented graphs and explained what they revealed including that when one pharmaceutical company, for example Pfizer, was conducting an experiment on the population with their injections, the other companies will not. Then another company will experiment and, for example, Pfizer will stop their experiment within the experiment. It is a co-ordinated effort. “This is proof that it is planned,” Dr. Wodarg said.

“From these graphs, you can show intent. [The pharmaceutical companies] are deliberately using different dosages, co-ordinated with each other so that they won’t interfere with each other, in order to try and find out what kills the best or what maims the best,” said Dr. Fuellmich.

During their discussion Dr. Fuellmich referred to a presentation by Dr. Mike Yeadon. It’s not clear to which presentation he was referring but a Telegram post on 29 November by Dr. Yeadon explained the “dose range-finding for lethal outcomes”:

“You’ll be aware that one of our assiduous researchers noticed a short while ago that adverse events are not occurring randomly throughout the batches and lots of vaccines made by a given manufacturer.

“Instead, it appears that just 5% of the batches / lots are associated with almost all the deaths.

“Given the tight requirements of consistency associated with an authorized product, it’s absolutely impossible that this is a chance event.

“No: this is, I regret to say, unequivocal evidence of malfeasance.

“In brief, they’ve uncovered striking evidence of what’s called DOSE RANGE-FINDING for lethal outcomes.”

A dose-ranging study is a clinical trial where different doses of an agent (e.g., a drug) are tested against each other to establish which dose works best and/or is least harmful. However, in the case of the experimental Covid injections this is being used for the opposite reasons: to establish which dose is most harmful.

Dr. Yeadon continued, “if you harboured any residual doubts about whether there is or not a depopulation agenda, this presentation destroys that doubt.” Dr. Yeadon shared two links: one for the video posted here; and, a second to a document prepared by Craig Paardekooper using Pfizer as an example to explain what he had discovered.


Variation In Toxicity Of Covid Vaccine Batches According To VAERS

The purpose of this study was to determine if there is any significant variation in batch toxicity by counting the number of adverse reaction reports associated with each batch number.

The number of adverse reactions in each state of the USA caused by each individual batch was also counted.

The results were interesting.

70% of the batches were harmless, producing only one adverse reaction report each.

80% of the batches produced only 1 or 2 adverse reaction reports. So the vast majority of the batches were harmless.

However, a very distinct and significant anomaly appeared.

1 in 200 (0.5%) of the batches was found to be between 1,000 and 5,000 times more toxic than the average batch, and accounted for 70% of all of the adverse reactions, and 70% of all of the deaths.

1 in 20 (5%) of the batches accounted for 90% of the adverse reactions and deaths.

These toxic batches consistently produced high levels of adverse reactions, disability and death across every state in the USA, in sharp contrast to the harmless batches. As a consequence the toxic batches are easily visible as a string of numbers across the screen in the video above.

The consistency with which these batches produce adverse reactions indicates that the adverse reactions are caused by the batches rather than by the health status of the recipients.

The probable reason for these more toxic batches is either:

1. The batches contain added ingredients that are highly toxic

2. The batches are of a higher concentration of the same ingredients

The later suggests that Pharma may be investigating the LD50 (Lethal Dose) in order to establish the therapeutic range. Needless to say, such experimentation carried out on human beings has already resulted in deaths and disabilities as shown in this report.

The question arises:

If there is such high variation in the toxicity of the batches, should we be mandating this medical intervention?

Should we be coercing people under threat of losing their job or being confined at home, into taking something where death or disability is a possible adverse reaction?


Covid Vaccine Variability Between Lots

Scientists compared variability between Flu vaccine lots with variability between Covid vaccine lots, and were shocked to find EXCESSIVE and HIGHLY UNUSUAL degree of variation between different lots of the Covid vaccines.

When 22,000 flu vaccine lots were examined, almost all of them produced 5 or fewer severe adverse reactions per lot. Only 2 lots exceeded this (22 SAEs and 37 SAEs).

When the same number of Covid vaccines were compared, there was found to be huge variation — with many lots producing 5 or fewer severe adverse reactions, but many others producing 1,000 – 5,000 severe adverse reactions.

So the coefficient of variation for Covid vaccines is 1,000 percent — compared to the coefficient of variation for flu vaccines (which is 99 percent).

In other words, Covid vaccines vary 10 times more than flu vaccines.

Under FDA regulations, such high variation between different lots and between different manufacturers means the drugs are ADULTERATED, and carries significant legal penalties.

Such variation may also negate EUA authorization, which is only granted based on consistency of the product.


CHD President Mary Holland Interviews Pfizer Whistleblower Brook Jackson

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Pfizer Vaccine Whistleblower Responds To Motion To Dismiss False Claims Suit (The Epoch Times – 08/26/22