COVID-19 vaccinations are unleashing a tsunami of deadly illnesses, including cancer…


“I get asked all the time ‘what can I do to eliminate the RNA vaccines from my body’, to which I have to answer: nothing. There is no technology that I know of which can eliminate these synthetic ‘mRNA-like’ molecules from your body. The same is true for any of the many ‘gene therapy’ methods currently being used. You just have to hope that your immune system will attack the cells that have taken up the polynucleotides and degrade (chew up) the offending large molecule that causes your cells to manufacture the toxic protein. Since virtually all current ‘gene therapy’ methods are inefficient, and essentially deliver the genetic material randomly to a small subset of cells, there is no practical way to surgically remove the scattered, relatively rare transgenic cells. Clearance of genetically modified cells by the cellular immune system (T cells) is the only currently viable method to remove cells that have taken up the foreign genetic information (‘transfection’ in the case of mRNA or DNA, or ‘transduction’ in the case of a viral vectored gene).”

Dr. Robert Malone • Source: When Is mRNA Not Really mRNA? • See Also: COVID-19 Healing Resources


Dr. William Makis: Using Ivermectin To Heal Cancer, Including COVID-Vaccine-Induced Turbo Cancer

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9 Ivermectin Papers Reviewed.
By Dr. William Makis
October 2, 2023


Using Ivermectin To Fight Cancer (Facts Matter)


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​• No Doubt About It: The COVID Vaccines CAUSE Dementia (Steve Kirsch, 01/29/24)
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Pfizer Completes $43 Billion Acquisition & Becomes Largest Oncology Company To Treat Turbo Cancers Caused By mRNA Vaccines (Dr. William Makis, 12/17/23)
New Report: Young People Dying Of Cancer At ‘Explosive’ Rates, UK Government Data Show (Mike Capuzzo, 11/22/23)

The study’s results in the rate of cancer deaths above the historic norm in 2022 for ages 15-44 in the U.K. included:

• A 28% rise in fatal breast cancer rates in women.

• An 80% increase in pancreatic cancer deaths among women and a 60% increase among men.

• A 55% increase among men in colon cancer deaths and a 41% increase in women.

• A 120% increase in fatal melanomas among men and a 35% increase in women.

• A 35% increase in brain cancer deaths among men and a 12% rise in women.

• A 60% increase in cancer death rates among men in cancers “without site specification” and a 55% increase among women.


MUST WATCH! Dr. William Makis On Turbo Cancer: I’ve Never Seen Cancers Behaving Like This!


“There are only a handful out of the 100,000 doctors, Canadian doctors, that didn’t take the vaccine, that are still practicing medicine. So, it’s something like 99.9% vaccination rate. And they were the first ones to line up for their vaccines. Well, as I started looking at the sudden deaths of Canadian doctors, I realized, yes, most of them are dying from cardiac issues, heart injuries, cardiac arrests, dying while jogging or swimming, dying in their sleep. And Dr. Peter McCullough has talked about this extensively, about the myocarditis and the damage to the heart, the scarring to the heart. And then some were dying from blood clots, pulmonary embolis, strokes.

“But then there was quite a large subset of doctors who were developing extremely aggressive cancers and cancers at an age that they shouldn’t be getting. So, for example, there was a doctor who developed gastric cancer in his 30s, presented at stage four. He was dead in less than a year. Very rare brain cancers in young individuals in their 20s and 30s, medical students, and medical residents. And these cancers would always present at stage four. And they would always kill them in a matter of a few months. And it was always less than a year.

“And at first, I didn’t know what the term for this was or what the phenomenon was. I just started really paying attention to it, tracking it. I then realized that this is being called ‘turbo cancer’ by people on social media. Turbo cancer is not a medical term, but it’s a term that people came up with to really describe the extremely aggressive nature of these cancers in the COVID-vaccinated. And these cancers behave completely differently, unlike anything I’ve seen before in my career. And I’ve diagnosed over 20,000 cancer patients in my career with cutting-edge PET, CT, positron emission tomography, imaging, CT, MRI, pathological correlation.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen stage four breast cancers presenting in women in their 20s. I’ve never seen stage four colon cancers presenting in men and women in their 20s and 30s. Leukemias that will kill you in a matter of days or even hours after diagnosis. Lymphomas that, again, kill you in a matter of months.”


“Ivermectin is a wonderful, incredible drug. Discovered in Japan, it won the Nobel Prize [for medicine]. I have recently done a very extensive article. Ivermectin has been used to treat COVID-19. What’s interesting is that — and I’ve reviewed the research extensively on this — there is now extensive research to support Ivermectin use in treating cancer, particularly the types of aggressive cancers we’re seeing in COVID-19 vaccinated individuals — the turbo cancers.

“For example, the glioblastomas, which are the brain cancers that are really terminal. If you get diagnosed with that you may die within a few months. Ivermectin may actually help with those. The stage four breast cancers, the stage four colon cancers, pancreatic cancers, gall bladder cancers, renal cancers, melanomas. These are cancers that have actually been studied with Ivermectin — very aggressive cancers. They have found that if you give higher doses of Ivermectin than what’s been used for COVID-19, that it actually can stop the growth of these cancer cells…

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Ivermectin And Cancer, It Has At Least 15 Anti-Cancer Mechanisms Of Action.
Can Ivermectin Treat Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancers?
9 Ivermectin Papers Reviewed
By Dr. William Makis


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Current News:

FDA Finds ‘Safety Signal’ Of Seizures in Children 2-5 After COVID mRNA Vaccines (John-Michael Dumais, The Defender, 10/19/23)
Health Canada Confirms Undisclosed Presence Of DNA Sequence In Pfizer Shot (Matthew Horwood, The Epoch Times, 10/19/23)

Health Canada has confirmed the presence of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which the manufacturer had not previously disclosed.

Reports From The Front Lines Of The Vaccine Catastrophe – Part 3 (Dr. Pierre Kory, 09/25/23)

Troubling reports describing the plight of patients, doctors and hospitals over the last 9 months. Docs and nurses are “waking up.” Oncologists are seeing tons of “turbo” cancers. It’s real.

Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch (Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 09/22/23)
Bombshell: Our Worst Fears Confirmed. New Study Finds Both COVID And mRNA Vaccines Have Caused Heart Damage To Billions Of People (The Wellness Company, 09/11/23)
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Disturbing Rise In Cognitive Problems In 2023 (Igor Chudov, 06/07/23)
Psyche Symptoms (Hallucinations) In VAERS Associated With COVID Injections (Jessica Rose, 05/29/23)
Increased Risk Of Serious Eye Problem After Covid-19 Vaccination: Study (Zachary Stieber, Epoch Times, 05/08/23)
COVID Vaccines Linked To Untreatable Eyeball Clots, Reveals Massive Study (Jack Montgomery, National Pulse, 05/05/23)
Australia Government Numbers Confirm Rate Of Serious Adverse Events Is >1 In 100 Doses (Steve Kirsch – 03/18/23)
URGENT: mRNAs Jabs May Have Caused Tens Of Millions Of Serious New Health Problems Worldwide, A Huge Peer-Reviewed Study Shows (Alex Berenson, 02/28/23)
Florida Mother Had Amnesia After Third Pfizer Shot, Didn’t Recognize Children, Husband (Margaret Menge, 02/27/23)
Hard Evidence In New Study: Brain, Heart Damage Caused By mRNA Vaccine (Jennifer Margulis, The Epoch Times, 02/24/23)
mRNA Circulates At Least 28 Days After Injection (Dr. Peter McCullough, 02/23/23)

Dr. Peter McCullough writes:

Vaccines which are usually live attenuated or killed virus, or a harmless protein, should be in the body only a few days as immunity is being generated. After that, the vaccine material is cleared by the reticuloendothelial system. Having foreign genetic code in the form of synthetic RNA loaded on lipid nanoparticles with PEG in the blood stream for a month is an eerie reality with the following implications:

1. All serious health events occurring within 30 days of the shot should be considered related to the vaccine unless proven otherwise

2. The mRNA has a prolonged opportunity to circulate to vital organs including the heart, brain, bone marrow, adrenals, and reproductive organs where it can cause more damage

3. The human body must not have robust mechanisms to clear Pfizer or Moderna, so by the time the second shot is given, some still have the first shot in their system explaining greater toxicity on the second shot

4. Theoretical concerns over shedding should be extended far beyond 30 days (I currently recommend no kissing, sexual, or close contact for vaccinated persons for at least 90 days)

5. Development on new mRNA vaccines (influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, zika, etc.) should be halted immediately given this discovery…

Acute Psychosis After COVID-19 Vaccination (Dr. Peter McCullough – 01/30/23)
Are COVID Boosters Behind Increase In Cancer Among Younger Adults? (Dr. Joseph Mercola / The Defender – 01/06/23)
Something Wicked This Way Comes – IgG4 (Alex Berenson – 01/02/23)
SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Found In The Human Nucleus (Dr. Peter McCullough – 11/14/22)

In a recent paper by Sattar et al, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it was discovered that both mRNA and Spike protein colocalized within the nucleus of human cells. The authors note this is unusual and appears to not rely upon the furin cleavage site which is necessary for Spike protein entry into the cell. It is important to note the context and the methods of this paper utilized SARS-CoV-2 and not mRNA or adenoviral DNA vaccines. However, the ramifications of this finding cannot be understated. Having both one of the most pathogenic and lethal proteins ever discovered found within the nucleus of human cells with its genetic code is a hair-raising discovery. A prior paper by Singh and Singh demonstrated Spike protein models anticipate an interaction with tumor suppressor genes P53 and BRCA1 Sattar now says this could indeed happen! Thus, Spike protein is at the scene of a crime — oncogenesis or the failure of immune surveillance against nascent cancer cells. Seneff et al have predicted that the Spike protein may be related to cell senescence and autophagy. This means more rapid aging of cells and then programmed cell death. I have had many patients ask me why they lose muscle mass and have hair loss after COVID-19 illness, these observations provide some explanatory basis for discussion at the cellular level. Finally and most disturbing, Nunez-Castilla et al of demonstrated homology of the Spike protein with about three dozen other human proteins. This explains why in the first place would the human nucleus allow entry of mRNA and Spike into the control center of the cell. The genetic code of SARS-CoV-2 was may have been intentionally “humanized” to make all of this happen by design. While Senator Rand Paul is doing a wonderful job staying focused on the US involvement in engineering of SARS-CoV-2, more in depth lines of inquiry are needed with preclinical scientists and officials from BARDA (US military research) and NIH to reveal how much they knew about mRNA, the Spike protein, and what it would do to human cells during SARS-CoV-2 infection and over the longer term.

Cancer Rates Are Increasing — And May Get Much Worse (Igor Chudov – 10/21/22)
How Cancer Deaths From The COVID Jabs Are Being Hidden (Joseph Mercola – 10/14/22)


COVID Vaccine Changed Mouse Mother DNA. Changes Were Then Passed On To Her Babies!


Vaccine Injuries Are Real, Not Rare. Here’s Why Your Doctor Can’t See Them. (Steve Kirsch – 08/10/22)

Mechanisms of damage caused by the vaccines that are too small to see on most tests include (but are not limited to):

1. Temporarily opening up the blood brain barrier

2. Penetration of the LNP containing the spike protein into the brain resulting in inflammation and blood clots inside your brain as well as damage to the cell mitochondria

3. Damage to the myelin sheath protecting your nerves

4. Damage to endothelial cells

5. Micro-clots in your brain and the rest of your body

There are only a few ways to convince your doctor he’s wrong and that you are vaccine injured:

1. Running this test procedure (developed by React-19; thanks to Brianne Dressen for letting me know about this). This is involved, but it is nearly certain to work.

2. Doing a cytokine panel from CovidLongHaulers.com. This is simple, but not as good as #1.

3. Doing a biopsy on your brain or nerves. This is definitive, but few people are going to want to have a brain biopsy just to prove to their doctors that they are sick.

The best protocol for the vaccine injured was written by Dr. Paul Marik for the FLCCC.

In general, the best you can do is to immediately stop more damage from occurring and hope you heal on your own.


Stage 4 Cancers Taking Off Like Wildfire: We’re Going To See A Two To Threefold Increase In Cancers

“My concern based on the patterns and statistically . . . I would say we’re going to see a consistent two to threefold increase in certain cancers: endometrial, breast cancers, prostate cancers, cancers that are testicular ovarian, neurologic cancers. This spike has a propensity to cross the blood-brain barrier and invade neural tissues. We know what it does to mitochondrial activity in terms of inhibiting it, blocking it, ruining cytochrome c oxidase systems, [and] decreasing ATP. Cancer is a hypoxic state; when you don’t have good cellular activity and cellular respiration and hypo-oxygenation, you end up with mechanisms that can induce more aggressive cancer. So I think at a minimum of two to threefold, I think we’re going to continue to see [this cancer cascade] over the next year or two.”

— Dr. Ryan Cole


Dr. Charles Hoffe Describes How Vaccine-Induced “Turbo Cancer” Is Appearing In More & More People


Dr. Ryan Cole: Covid Vaccine Side Effects Are Like A Nuclear Bomb


Pathologist Ute Kruger: COVID Vaccines & Turbo Cancer (Pathological Evidence With English Subtitles)

Dr. Ute Kruger is a researcher and senior physician at Lunds University in Sweden. She’s the Chief of Pathology, a field that she’s worked in for the last 25 years, with a specialty in breast cancer diagnosis for the past 18 years. She’s studied thousands of autopsies and breast cancer samples. She’s extremely familiar with the industry and patient age, tumor size, and malignancy grade are all within her field of expertise and have had a natural rhythm throughout her career. That natural rhythm came to a halt in 2021 once the vaccine rollout began.

Dr. Kruger stated that she sees vaccination as a trigger for fast-growing tumors and autoimmune diseases. She’s seeing a lot of inflammation alongside tumors, and of course, it’s not only breast cancer. Many other pathologists have reported to Dr. Kruger that they’re seeing an elevation in cancers, cancers in multiple organs, and rare cancers. “I studied medicine because I wanted to help people. But now it feels like I’m watching people being killed and there’s nothing I can do.”

• Age – The average ages of the samples she received dropped, with a rise in the number of samples from people in their 30’s-50’s.

• Size – It used to be unusual for Dr. Kruger to find a tumor 3 cm in size. In this new environment, she’s regularly seeing tumors of 4 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, and the occasional 12 cm. In a shocking anecdote, 2 weeks ago she found a 16 cm tumor that took up an entire breast.

• Multiple Tumors – Dr. Kruger has begun to see more cases of multiple tumors growing in the same patient, sometimes even in both breasts. She had 3 cases within 3 weeks of patients who had tumors growing in multiple organs. One had tumors in his/her breast, pancreas and lungs within months of getting vaccinated.

• Recurrence – There has been an uptick in patients who have been in remission from their cancer for many years, suddenly getting an aggressive recurrence of their cancer shortly after vaccination.

Learn More: Turbo-Cancer. We Have A Problem.


Dr. Stephanie Seneff: We’re Going To See A Surge Of Neurodegenerative Disease


MUST WATCH: Spike Protein Dangers & How To Detoxify From It

8 Ways Spike Proteins Harm Human Bodies:

1. Damage lung cells
2. Damage mitochondria cells
3. Damage cardiovascular cells
4. Increase risk of blood clots
5. Damage brain cells
6. Promote long-term inflammation
7. Suppress immunity
8. Increase risk of cancer

How To Remove Spike Proteins & Detoxify Your Body:

1. Zinc
2. Vitamin D
3. Vitamin C
4. Omega 3
5. Quercetin

Spike Protein Inhibitors:

1. Selfheal
2. Pine Needles
3. Rheum Emodin
4. Neem
5. Dandelion Leaf
6. Ivermectin

Spike Protein Neutralizers:

1. N Acceltycystine (NAC)
2. Glutathione
3. Fennel Tea
4. Anise Tea
5. Pine Needle Tea
6. St. John’s Wort
7. Lithospermum
8. Vitamin C

How To Remove Harmful Spike Protein From Your Body (The Epoch Times – 05/09/22) Download PDF Version Of This Article
COVID-19 Healing Resources


Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID Vaccines Are Producing Unusual And Surprising Numbers Of Cancers


Malone, Cole, Urso Discuss The Dangers Of COVID-19 Vaccines & The Need For Scientific Integrity


Spike Protein From Vaccines Inhibit DNA Repair & Tumor-Suppressing Genes For At Least 60 Days


Dr. Robert Malone Mentions Growing List Of Illnesses Associated With Dangerous COVID Vaccines


Shocking New COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects


Dr. Peter McCullough Raises THREE Alarming Concerns About COVID Vaccines

Dr. Peter McCullough raises THREE alarming concerns about COVID vaccines:

1. We don’t know what’s in COVID vaccines (the manufacturers – Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson — have REFUSED to disclose everything that is in their vaccines).

2. The lipid nanoparticles in COVID vaccines go EVERYWHERE in the body — the adrenal glands, the reproductive organs, the brain, the heart, the bone marrow. “This is scary stuff. You don’t want anything ingested going into your brain. No one should want a vaccine to go into their brain.” The spike proteins in these vaccines are known to be highly toxic and cause damage to the body. Worse, these vaccines are forcing the body to reproduce these dangerous, pathogenic, lethal proteins.

3. The genetic code for the vaccines actually goes into the nucleus of human cells and alters our DNA. “The genetic code for the spike protein doesn’t just stay in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. In fact, it goes into the human nucleus. The belief is that it’s a permanent installation into human DNA. This is greatly concerning that there would be a mosaic of cells now that has the permanent code for a protein devised in a lab in Wuhan, China, and 70 percent of Americans have taken it.” There is the possibility that our own bodies would then reproduce these cells continuously causing chronic illnesses.


More News:

Is The U.S. Blood Supply Tainted? (Children’s Health Defense – 10/06/22)
American Red Cross Under Scrutiny After Confessing It Does Not Separate Vaccinated From Unvaccinated Blood (Becker News – 09/23/22)

Belgian Immunonologist Claims His Lymphoma Exploded Like ‘Fireworks’ After Getting Booster (Daily Mail – 09/30/22)
Long COVID-Induced Neuropsychiatric Risks Can Last Beyond 2 Years; 1 Remedy To Protect From Or Reverse The Situation (The Epoch Times – 09/20/22)

In addition to the need for nutrients such as glucose and oxygen, the brain’s self-repairing and regenerative functions are facilitated by daily soothing, relaxing, and voluntary exercise.

We have previously mentioned the benefits that sitting in meditation brings to the brain. This isn’t necessarily conflicting with the exercise advice. The human body is one organic equilibrium that requires a balance of movement and stillness. If our movement and stillness can be dynamically balanced well, our brains benefit from such dynamic equilibrium quite a lot.

This is why we have always emphasized that aerobic exercise that makes you feel comfortable is the best. We can all arrange it appropriately according to our life and work schedule.

There’s a saying: “Walking a hundred steps after each meal can help you live to be 99 years old.” Such exercise is not only helpful to our intestines and digestion, but also beneficial to our brain and nerve regeneration. It’s easy, cost-free, and natural. It could potentially help us to prevent premature aging and the neurological/psychological sequelae of COVID.

Excess Mortality And Elevated Cancer Rates Likely To Get Worse (Igor Chudov – 08/28/22)
New Cases Of Mental Disorders Emerged After Vaccination; 3 Natural Ways To Improve Symptoms (The Epoch Times – 07/15/22)
Researchers Suspect New Variants Of Rapidly Progressing Brain Degenerating Diseases From COVID-19 Vaccines (The Epoch Times – 07/12/22)
COVID-19 Vaccination Reactivates Highly Contagious Virus (The Epoch Times – 06/22/22) (Download PDF)
Monkeypox? – U.S. Gov. Data Proves Covid-19 Vaccines Increase Risk Of Suffering Shingles By At Least 4925% (The Expose’ – 06/18/22)
Twitter Made A Huge Mistake. I Was Right About Prion Diseases. They Were Wrong. Surprised? (Steve Kirsch – 06/08/22)

COVID Vaccines Linked To New Type Of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder (Download PDF) (The Epoch Times – 06/08/22)
Deadly Prion Brain Diseases & COVID Vaccines: Study Finds Plausible Link (Download PDF) (The Epoch Times – 06/07/22)
Comparing Mildly Vaccinated South Africa (35% Vaccinated, 5% Boosted) With Massively Vaccinated Portugal (95% Vaccinated, 70% Boosted) (Igor Chudov – 06/04/22)
Israel: Chronic Covid Persists In Guts and Immune CD8 Cells, Like AIDS (Igor Chudov – 05/10/22)

This is extremely surprising! Why would Delta virions be massively excreted by Israelis, long after Delta practically disappeared from nasal swabs? Why would the amount of Delta virions remain almost a constant, despite continuing disappearance of Delta from Israeli’s national statistics?

There is only one answer to these questions: many Israelis remained infected with Delta and have the virus replicating in their guts long after they supposedly “recovered”. The virus, instead of truly being expelled from the body by a functional immune system, persisted in Israelis. This is the only way the viral RNA would remain in wastewater. The people, despite appearing long recovered, are not recovered and have ongoing COVID-19 infections.

Having a part of the population chronically infected with SARS-Cov-2 is a very bad development. This means that Sars-Cov-2 carriers are, in effect, permanent walking virus variant factories, like HIV patients. They would endlessly produce newer, and fitter, variants.

500,000 Germans Severely Injured By Covid-19 Vaccines, Survey By Top Hospital Shows (The Defender – 05/10/22)
How To Remove Harmful Spike Protein From Your Body (The Epoch Times – 05/09/22) Download PDF Version Of This Article
Recorded Cases Of Heart Disease Among Under 40 Years Old Explodes 20,000% After COVID-19 Vaccines Roll Out (Health Impact News – 05/09/22)
Rheumatologist Robert Jackson: 40% Of Vaccinated People Injured; 0.33% Dead (Steve Kirsch – 05/01/22)
Increase In Reactivated Viruses Following COVID-19 Booster Shots: Dr. Richard Urso (The Epoch Times – 04/29/22)

Some viruses, after initial infection, remain latent in the body for a lifetime and may reactivate to cause infection again or a different condition. These kinds of latent viruses are being reactivated in a large number of people following their booster COVID-19 shots, causing symptoms of long COVID and other health conditions, according to Dr. Richard Urso.

W.H.O. Issues Global Alert About New Form Of Severe Hepatitis Affecting Children; Pfizer Study Suggests Covid Vaccine To Blame (The Expose’ – 04/23/22)
7,500% Increase In Recorded Cases Of Cancer Following Covid-19 Vaccines (Health Impact News – 04/21/22)
Pfizer Hired 600+ People To Process Vaccine Injury Reports, Documents Reveal (The Defender – 04/05/22)
COVID Vaccines Have Made People More Belligerent, Which Could Have Catastrophic Consequences For Us All (Mark Crispin Miller – 03/21/22)
Dr. Peter McCullough: Findings From Early COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Potentially Alarming (The Epoch Times – 03/09/22)

“It was clear vaccines weren’t sufficiently tested and important groups were excluded, like pregnant women,” McCullough said in Hershey. “With no data on safety and efficacy, pregnant women were encouraged, then later forced, to take the vaccines.”

He called the results of a newly released study disturbing. The study, titled “Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination,” shows that messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) from the vaccine stays in the body much longer than expected. Messenger RNA is a single-stranded molecule that carries genetic code, usually from the DNA in a cell’s nucleus, to ribosomes, the cell’s protein-making area.

“It shows the messenger RNA is in the lymph nodes months after the vaccine had been received. This is proven,” McCullough said. “The vaccines are not leaving the body. It’s found in the lymph nodes at 60 days. The thought in the FDA briefing book was that these vaccines were going to be in the body for a day or two, generate immunity, and then be out.”

He cited another paper published in February by a team of researchers led by Associate Prof. Yang De Marinis at the Department of Clinical Sciences of Lund University, Sweden, that shows “reverse transcription” is happening — that is, an enzyme makes a copy of DNA from RNA.

“This is getting into human chromosomes, at least this segment is. If it turns out that the entire code goes into human chromosomes, and if it expresses spike protein within cells—spike protein is an abnormal protein, it is not a human protein — if this protein is expressed within human cells on a regular basis or on demand, and it’s passed from parent cells to daughter cells, and it’s passed to the developing embryo, we’re in trouble.”

Now, the race is on to confirm this finding with additional studies, McCullough said.

“On the CDC website, it says the vaccines don’t change the human genome. This paper that just broke in the last week is strongly suggesting the CDC was gravely wrong,” McCullough said. “We should have had monthly safety reports to America. If we’re going to ask Americans to take an experimental vaccine or investigational vaccine, there should have been a safety report.”

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Has 1,291 Side Effects Reveals Released Documents (GreatGameIndia – 03/05/22)
Pfizer Adverse Event Reports Received Through 28-Feb-2021 (pdf)
Dr. Robert Malone: “9 Out Of 10 People Dying Of COVID Have Been Vaccinated!” (Bannon’s War Room – 03/02/22)
The UK Gov. Released A Report Confirming The Fully Vaccinated Now Account For 9 In Every 10 Covid-19 Deaths In England (Daily Expose – 03/01/22)
Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Incorporates Into Human DNA In As Little As Six Hours, A New Study Finds (Daily Expose – 02/27/22)

A Swedish study published on Friday demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrate cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA . . . A previous study published in October 2021 from Sweden found the spike protein enters into our cells’ nuclei and impairs the mechanism our cells have to repair damaged DNA.

Data Show ‘Significant Underreporting’ Of Vaccine Side Effects: German Health Insurer (The Epoch Times – 02/23/22)
Board Member Of Large German Insurance Company Blows The Whistle On Covid Vaccines (Steve Kirsch – 02/23/22)

Large German health insurance company analyzed data from 10.9 million insured individuals regarding vaccination complications. “According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 visits to the doctor by our policyholders because of vaccination complications to be realistic to this day. Extrapolated to the total population, this value would be three million,” says BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck in a report by WELT. “The numbers that resulted from our analysis are very far away from the publicly announced numbers. It would be unethical not to talk about it.” The new data is an “alarming signal,” adds Schöfbeck.

Rise In Non-Covid-19 Deaths Hits Life Insurers (Wall Street Journal – 02/23/22)

In discussing third-quarter results with analysts, Hartford Financial Chief Executive Christopher Swift said the company had “experienced higher levels of non-Covid excess mortality during the quarter,” including heart, stroke and cancer causes of death.

Psychosis Associated With COVID-19 Vaccination (psychiatrist.com – 02/17/22)


Indiana Life Insurance CEO – Deaths Are Up 40% Among People Ages 18-64!

Indiana Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Are Up 40% Among People Ages 18-64 (The Center Square – 01/01/22)

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business — not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business . . . And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said. “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”


Cancers Coming Back With A Vengeance Is Very Common After The COVID Vax (Steve Kirsch – 02/05/22)

The DMED database shows the rate of cancer is up by 3X after the COVID vaccines rolled out. In talking with Ryan Cole about this, he believes this is primarily due to accelerating existing cancers (ones people already know they have or recent cancers that people never realized were there) rather than creating new cases of cancer.

COVID Vaccines Causing Miscarriages, Cancer And Neurological Disorders Among Military, DOD Data Show (The Defender – 01/26/22)

Attorney Thomas Renz on Monday told a panel of experts that data provided to him by three whistleblowers show COVID-19 vaccines are causing catastrophic harm to members of the U.S. military while not preventing them from getting the virus. The whistleblowers provided the data knowing they would face perjury charges if they submitted false statements to the court in legal cases pending against the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). The data show:

– Miscarriages increased 300% in 2021 over the previous five-year average.

– Cancer increased 300% in 2021 over the previous five-year average.

– Neurological disorders increased 1000% in 2021 over the past five-year average, increasing from 82,000 to 863,000 in one year.


“Our Solders Are Being Experimented On, Injured, And Sometimes Killed” By COVID-19 Vaccines

Horowitz: Whistleblowers Share DOD Medical Data That Blows Vaccine Safety Debate Wide Open

According to the military, DMED is the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch’s (AFHSB) “web-based tool to remotely query de-identified active component personnel and medical event data contained within the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS).” It contains every ICD medical billing code for any medical diagnosis in the military submitted for medical insurance billing during any given period of time. Three military doctors — Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long — have presented queried data to Renz that shows a shocking and sudden spike in nearly every ICD code for common vaccine injuries in 2021:

• Miscarriages – 300% increase
• Cancer – 300% increase
• Neurological Issues – 1,000% increase
• Myocardial Infarction –269% increase
• Bell’s Palsy – 291% increase
• Congenital Malformations (for children of military personnel) – 156% increase
• Female Infertility – 471% increase
• Pulmonary Embolisms – 467% increase

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Lipid Nanoparticles Kill 80 Percent Of Mice In PubMed Study (The Desert Review – 01/16/22)

While the dangers of the spike protein are known, this inflammatory property of the lipid nanoparticles was not widely appreciated. And although there was ample evidence the spike protein was toxic and could account for the VAERS adverse effects and deaths, this new PubMed information should alert every one of us to this little-known toxic property of the mRNA vaccines — the inflammatory potential of the lipid nanoparticles. Think of the cytokine storm in COVID-19 . . . They are associated with heart disease, cancer, and premature death. Conversely, longevity is associated with low levels of inflammation.

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Case Report Finds Pfizer Covid Vaccine “Might Induce Rapid Progression” Of Rare Cancer, AITL (Irish News – 01/06/22)
An Open Letter To The Austrian Parliament From Retired Univ. Prof. Dr. Med. Diether Schönitzer (Steve Kirsch – 01/08/22)

This brings me straight to the administration of mRNA-containing substances that are incorrectly referred to as vaccines or serums and after penetrating the bloodstream first penetrate the vascular wall cells and subsequently lead to the formation of spike proteins on the surface of the vascular wall cells. These spikes actually act as foreign antigens (similar to drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia) and are supposed to lead to the formation of antibodies and thus to immunity. The problem, however, is that the spikes adhere to the body’s own cells for at least a certain period of time, probably permanently, and the activated killer cells or antibodies (if the vaccination works!) Destroy the cells of the vaccinated person that are externally marked with spikes. The consequence is an immunological cell and tissue destruction in the vaccinated persons, which leads to the well-known thromboembolism, to the destruction of heart muscle cells, lung and kidney tissue, and ultimately to exhaustion of the immune system.

Bhakdi/Burkhardt Pathology Results Show 93% Of People Who Died After Being Vaccinated Were Killed By The Vaccine (Steve Kirsch – 12/28/21)

If the autopsy findings are confirmed by other pathologists with additional samples, and if they are combined with the findings of Dr. Hoffe (>60% inoculant recipients have elevated D-dimer tests and evidence of clotting) and Dr. Cole (increase in cancers after inoculation, including twenty-fold increase in uterine cancer), we are seeing a disaster of unimaginable proportions. The conclusion (if supported by further data) is that essentially EVERY inoculant recipient suffers damage, with more damage after each shot…

Researchers Show How Covid Damages Immune System, Increasing Cancer Risks — Science Says Vaccines May Do The Same (The Defender – 12/20/21)
Can New Onset Psychosis Occur After mRNA Based Covid-19 Vaccine Administration? A Case Report (PubMed Central – 08/08/21)


Autopsies Of Vaccinated People: mRNA Spike Protein Found EVERYWHERE!

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