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Evidence-Based Doctor Registry (Steve Kirsch – 01/07/23)
List Of FLCCC Doctors & Providers
FLCCC Protocols
Decoding Long Vax Syndrome Symptoms (Long Vax & Long Covid Are “Literally The Same Thing”) (FLCCC)
Dr. Pierre Kory (specializes in treating vaccine-injured people)
The Wellness Company
World Council For Health Coalition Partners
The Conscious Clinician Compact
HeartCare Corp Can Detect A Wide Variety Of Heart Damage, Including Myocarditis (Steve Kirsch – 01/07/23)
HeartCare Corp

Are You Covid Vaccine-Concerned? This Article Is About Detox Options For You And Your Family (Dr. Tess Lawrie, 12/03/23)

This helpful article includes information about The World Council for Health Detox Guide, the FLCCC protocols, Dr. Peter McCullough’s “Base Spike Detox”, and A New Vaccine Detox Protocol from Professor X.

Are People Around You Getting Ill? This Is What I Do To Stay Healthy. (Dr. Tess Lawrie, 12/28/23)

Rationale For Nicotine Patch In Treatment Of Long-COVID And Vaccine Injury Syndromes (Dr. Peter McCullough, 12/08/23)

Recommended by Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers:

DNA Detox Solutions


Dr. Peter McCullough: New Methods For Deactivating mRNA Vaccines & Removing Spike Protein From The Body!


Dr. William Makis: Using Ivermectin To Heal Cancer, Including COVID-Vaccine-Induced Turbo Cancer


Dr. Adeel Khan On Successfully Treating Hundreds Of COVID-Vaccine-Injured Patients


How mRNA Vaccine Cell Damage Can Be Reversed Through Lipid Replacement Therapy


The Healing Power Of Natural Medicine, Especially Vitamin D & Berberine

See Also: Cancer Care: The Role of Repurposed Drugs and Metabolic Interventions in Treating Cancer by Dr. Paul Marik


McCullough, Kirsch, Mercola: Using Nasal Washes To Stop Viral Infections, Including COVID-19


MUST WATCH! Dr. William Makis On Turbo Cancer: I’ve Never Seen Cancers Behaving Like This!


“Ivermectin is a wonderful, incredible drug. Discovered in Japan, it won the Nobel Prize [for medicine]. I have recently done a very extensive article. Ivermectin has been used to treat COVID-19. What’s interesting is that — and I’ve reviewed the research extensively on this — there is now extensive research to support Ivermectin use in treating cancer, particularly the types of aggressive cancers we’re seeing in COVID-19 vaccinated individuals — the turbo cancers.

“For example, the glioblastomas, which are the brain cancers that are really terminal. If you get diagnosed with that you may die within a few months. Ivermectin may actually help with those. The stage four breast cancers, the stage four colon cancers, pancreatic cancers, gall bladder cancers, renal cancers, melanomas. These are cancers that have actually been studied with Ivermectin — very aggressive cancers. They have found that if you give higher doses of Ivermectin than what’s been used for COVID-19, that it actually can stop the growth of these cancer cells…”


D-Dimer Test NOT GOOD For Identifying COVID Microclotting (FLCCC Uses Electron Microscopic Analysis)

Click here to watch the full video

FLCCC COVID Protocols:



How Dr. Peter McCullough Tests Someone For A Possible COVID Vaccine Injury


Naomi Wolf Shares What She Learned From A Life-Threatening Illness & What She Is Doing To Heal

Not Dead Yet (Naomi Blogs About What Happened To Her) • The Wellness CompanyThe Daily Clout


Dr. Peter McCullough On Alex Jones: When It Comes To COVID Vaccines, Things Are Looking Bad!

This video includes specific recommendations for treating COVID-19 infections, COVID-19 vaccine injuries, and future viral infections.

“At the core of any treatment should be a triple combination that is safe and has a signal of benefit from the pre-clinical and clinical literature. I have deployed in my clinical practice an OTC combination so it is readily available and patients will not have to seek a doctors visit to get on a protocol: Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice a day, Bromelain 500 mg once a day, and nano Curcumin 500 mg twice a day. From this base regimen, other agents can be added such as NAC, IVM, HCQ, blood thinners all depending on the syndrome. Patients can get a big head start if they self-initiate base spike detox as they get organized for appointments. I have found three months is a minimum duration and some require more than a year. Don’t expect instant results, be patient. I have a major manuscript under review for publication that summarizes the clinical rationale and evidence supporting Base Spike Detox.

“Caveats include bleeding for those on blood thinners or have bleeding disorders (e.g. hemophilia), soy allergy, allergies to any component of the combination, and gastrointestinal intolerance. Women of child bearing potential without contraception, pregnant, breastfeeding, and children should not take this combination unless directed by a doctor.”

Dr. Peter McCullough


McCullough: Natural Remedies Are Turning Out To Be The Best Way To Treat Synthetic Spike Proteins!

Dr. Peter McCullough writes:

I have found in my clinical practice that most multiple infected and or COVID-19 vaccine injected patients with post-COVID-19 symptoms respond slowly after three months or more of “Base Spike Detox” which contains:

1. Nattokinase 2000 FU (100 mg) twice a day

2. Bromelain 500 mg daily

3. nano Curcumin 500 mg twice a day

Oral bromelain has been safety tested up to 12 grams per day which is considerably higher than the typical 500 mg once a day used for Base Spike Detox. Bromelain partially degrades the Wuhan Spike protein and is a mild blood thinner. The review by Varilla points out that the PT and PTT blood tests can be prolonged with Bromelain. I have found patients taking Bromelain and Nattokinase together in Base Spike Detox need to be informed of the risks of bleeding and for them not to undergo d-dimer, PT, or PTT testing since the results will be abnormal as a result of therapy.

Source: Base Spike Detox: Focus on Bromelain


Dr. Paul Marik: Using Intermittent Fasting To Treat ‘Long Covid’ & ‘Long Vax’


Outstanding Interview With Dr. Paul Marik (Includes Exceptional Health, Healing, Detoxing Advice)

Click here to see a complete transcript of this interview


Excerpted from the above video:

‘De-Spike’ Naturally: Recovery Insights From Dr. Paul Marik
By The Vigilant Fox
The Daily Clout
June 9, 2023

Original Article

“Cyanide kills you quickly; spike protein kills you slowly.” Here’s what you can do to counteract its negative effects while achieving peak health along the way.

“Spike protein is probably one of the most toxic compounds that human beings can be exposed to,” remarked accomplished physician and author of 500 peer-reviewed journal articles Dr. Paul Marik.

“And its toxicity is through multiple different pathways that we’re just beginning to understand,” he denoted:

• “Spike causes profound inflammation.”

• “It activates clotting.”

• “It causes autoantibodies.”

• “It causes damage to the endothelium of blood vessels.”

• “And then it has some really bad effects on genes and many of the genes involved in cancer suppression. So we now know that spike protein, and although people want to ignore and deny it, actually activates many genetic pathways which lead to cancer. And it’s a form of cancer called ‘turbo cancers.'”

“And this is related to the spike protein,” he concluded. “Cyanide kills you quickly; spike protein kills you slowly. And so, it’s as toxic as cyanide. But this is a slow, progressive organ dysfunction leading to death.”

So, what can we do to address the harmful effects of spike proteins? And is there a way to get rid of it?

“We have enormous potential of self-repair — self-healing,” attested Dr. Marik. And we do that through an evolutionary process called autophagy, “which is truly astonishing.”

“What the body does is when it detects foreign protein, misfolded protein, dysfunctional protein — it destroys it because it figures out, this is not good, I want to get rid of it,” explained Dr. Marik. Autophagy does the same thing with spike proteins. “It’s like the garbage collection system of the cell. It collects the garbage and then puts the garbage through this garbage-slicing machine and trashes the garbage.”

“It’s an ingenious system,” he praised, “and it’s evolved over millions of years. So, it’s how the cell deals with these toxic proteins. So, what you want to really do is embrace it and enhance the ability of the cell to break down these proteins . . . What we really want to do is embrace the ability of the host to heal itself.”

How do we activate autophagy?

“The most potent method of activating autophagy is called intermittent fasting or time-related feeding,” relayed Dr. Marik, “because there’s this biological switch we have, and it’s called the mTOR switch. And so, whenever you eat, you switch off autophagy — just switches it off through the mTOR pathway. And so glucose and insulin and proteins switch this process. However, when you deprive the cell of glucose and protein, it switches on autophagy — and it breaks down protein.”

What is intermittent fasting? And how do you go about doing it?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting (not eating) and eating. Many who adopt this eating pattern skip breakfast and have an early dinner to reap the benefits of an extended period of no eating.

“People eat all the time,” lamented Dr. Marik. “They snack. Snacking is a Western phenomenon. And what’s even worse, they’ll sit in front of the TV after dinner. So they’ve had dinner, then they’ll sit in front of the TV and snack on processed food and carbohydrates, which is terrible because, first of all, it never allows autophagy to switch on.”

So to properly intermittent fast and activate autophagy, we need to “eat within a six to eight-hour window, and then the rest of the time you don’t eat,” explained Dr. Marik. “And it’s different from starvation,” he stressed.

“If you starve someone, the body adapts by decreasing the basal metabolic rate and decreasing growth hormone to switch things off. Paradoxically, with time-related feeding, you actually maintain or increase basal metabolic rate, and you increase growth hormone. It’s a fascinating phenomenon,” Dr. Marik lauded.

“I think the first step is to start eating food. Okay? It sounds absurd, but to concentrate on eating real food and not processed food,” he emphasized. “And so, what you need to do at your pantry at home is get rid of all the bad food, so you don’t have an opportunity to snack on bad food.”

Next, “What you want to do is maybe miss one meal. Breakfast is probably the best meal to miss. So you still have lunch, and you still have an early dinner — must be early,” Dr. Marik stressed. “And then what you gradually do is increase the window of time-restricted eating. Maybe you start off you eat within a window of 12 hours, then 10 hours, then 8 hours, then 6 hours. But it’s really important that when you eat, you actually have real food that’s good food.”

Dr. Marik also highlights the importance of drinking plenty of fluids when you’re fasting. It’s “really important not to get dehydrated,” he accentuated. “Water is fine — no juices. And coffee is fine.”

“Coffee actually activates autophagy and has really important phytochemicals that are important,” explained Dr. Marik. “Don’t add artificial sweeteners [to your coffee]. Don’t add milk to it.” He says you can add thick cream, but “you want to prevent adding glucose, which will break your ketosis.”

It’s also important to not eat before you sleep — or to get up and eat in the middle of the night.

“Autophagy is really important for brain recovery. When you sleep. You have to consider why do we sleep. It’s not an accident,” Dr. Marik concluded. “It’s really important for brain regeneration. [It] clears out all the metabolic products and allows all these synapses to regenerate.”

“We know that sleep is vital,” he continued. “During sleep, you undergo autophagy. And if you eat before you go to sleep, it does two really bad things. One is it switches off autophagy, so you don’t do it. And then secondly, there’s a remarkable system in the brain called the glymphatic system. So this is the lymphatic of the brain, and it does the same thing. It washes out the metabolic byproducts from metabolism to get rid of them. And impaired glymphatic flow is linked to many neurodegenerative diseases, as is deficient autophagy. So if you eat before you go to sleep, you limit autophagy, and you limit this glymphatic flow.”

Outside of “de-spiking,” there are other “truly astonishing benefits” to autophagy and intermittent fasting, detailed Dr. Marik.

“So, this [autophagy] is really important for getting rid of spike protein. But the implications are much further because we now know that it prevents aging. It prevents Alzheimer’s disease. It likely reduces the risk of cancer. It reduces [the] risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. So, we started this journey looking at intermittent fasting to get rid of Spike. But as you know, the implications are now far, far-reaching, and that’s why we’ve gone on this new journey.”

Dr. Marik gave two last health tips that are “really good for lymphatics and autophagy.”

The first one is exercise. “Imagine such a thing — exercise,” he smiled.

“And, of course, alcohol is bad.” Try to cut down or avoid it when you can.

So, overall, what we have are “very simple maneuvers that people can do to improve autophagy and improve glymphatic flow. This is really important for getting rid of spike protein.”

See Also:

An FLCCC Guide To Intermittent Fasting (Original ArticleDownload PDF)
Fasting: A Game Changer For Spike Protein Injuries, Potentially Combats Alzheimer’s And Cancer (Marina Zhang, The Epoch Times, 06/09/23)



Dr. Pierre Kory & Dr. Paul Marik Discuss Protocol Developed For Those Injured By The Covid Jabs

I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment (web page)
I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment (pdf)

FLCCC Treatment Protocol For Vaccine Injured (Mercola Overview – pdf download)


Dr. Marik & Dr. Kory – Healing COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries Using Ivermectin & Fasting!


FLCCC Prevention & Treatment Protocols For COVID-19

Prevention And Treatment Protocols For COVID-19


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Complete Guide To Fasting (Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting)
Mercola: The Complete Guide To Fasting: A Special Interview With Dr. Jason Fung
The Complete Guide To Fasting: A Special Interview With Dr. Jason Fung (pdf)
Chris Wark Interviews Dr. Nathan Gershfeld On The Healing Benefits Of Water Fasting
Sunfellow Health & Healing Resource Page
Sunfellow Health & Healing On Rumble


COVID-Vaxxed Dr. Robert Malone Thought He F*cked Himself For Life, Got Help From FLCCC & Nattokinase

“What I can tell you personally . . . I have more stamina than I’ve had for quite a while. I thought I f*cked myself for life.”

FLCCC ProtocolsNattokinase

What To Do If You’re Suffering From COVID Vaccination (Emerald Robinson, 06/13/23)

“I’ve just completed this FLCCC recovery protocol that has multiple different drugs. And I augmented that with another agent that is an enzyme — which helps break up these fibrin clots — called nattokinase. And I can tell you personally I feel much better. My wife tells me I have longer stride length; I have much more energy and stamina than I used to have after completing that protocol — which is in part designed, as you say, to displace spike off of various binding sites in your body.”

— Dr. Robert Malone

The most important therapies according to this report are:

• Fasting
• Ivermectin
• Moderate exercise
• Naltrexone
• Nattokinase
• Melatonin
• Magnesium
• Methylene blue


What Can You Do If You Have Spike Protein In Your Body?

Click here to watch the full, unedited discussion between Dr. Ryan Cole and Steve Kirsch


IMPORTANT: Dr. Peter McCullough On Using Nattokinase & Hyperbaric Oxygen To Dissolve Spike Proteins

Signature Series Spike Support Formula


Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr. Ryan Cole: Using Nattokinase To Dissolve/Remove Spike Proteins

“This is a subject of research. Things have been suggested — everything from vitamins and supplements to more Ivermectin to intermittent fasting. The only hopeful thing I’ve seen is . . . a supplement called nattokinase . . . The preclinical studies are very good. It was the only agent that dissolved the spike protein but left the cells and tissues intact. That is worthy of a clinical trial. People are out trying to buy this, but I think it is too early. We can’t get [the vaccine] out of the body and what we are telling people is ‘please, please, please, just don’t take any more of it!'”

Dr. Peter McCullough


“I get asked all the time ‘what can I do to eliminate the RNA vaccines from my body’, to which I have to answer: nothing. There is no technology that I know of which can eliminate these synthetic ‘mRNA-like’ molecules from your body. The same is true for any of the many ‘gene therapy’ methods currently being used. You just have to hope that your immune system will attack the cells that have taken up the polynucleotides and degrade (chew up) the offending large molecule that causes your cells to manufacture the toxic protein. Since virtually all current ‘gene therapy’ methods are inefficient, and essentially deliver the genetic material randomly to a small subset of cells, there is no practical way to surgically remove the scattered, relatively rare transgenic cells. Clearance of genetically modified cells by the cellular immune system (T cells) is the only currently viable method to remove cells that have taken up the foreign genetic information (‘transfection’ in the case of mRNA or DNA, or ‘transduction’ in the case of a viral vectored gene).”

Dr. Robert Malone • Source: When Is mRNA Not Really mRNA?


Dr. Peter McCullough: Advice For Those Who Took COVID-19 Vaccines


Prescription And Over-The-Counter Treatments For Post-COVID Syndrome (Dr. Peter McCullough – 03/23/23)

“I stylize the approach based on the patient and how recent the COVID-19 infection was in their history. If there are lingering signs of infection, then a course of full dose ivermectin can be considered. Aspirin is reasonable given increased rates of heart attack and stroke after the illness. I have found the colchicine appears to have an important role in pleurodynia or chest wall discomfort. Additionally it is used with corticosteroids in vaccine-induced myopericarditis. Low-dose naltrexone has been reported to ameliorate fatigue and inanition. Metformin has supportive data and would be appropriate in pre-diabetes and those with diabetes mellitus.

“From the OTC list, I have found nattokinase, the Japanese product derived from natto (a traditional Japanese food made from whole soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto.) to be the most compelling and scientifically supported approach to clear Spike protein out of the body via proteolytic degradation. A host of cellular protective, anti-oxidant approaches are listed with vitamin C and NAC being readily available and widely used.”


Nattokinase, A Fibrinolytic Enzyme

“There’s one thing that I’ve been a big advocate for and that’s derived from soy: ‘nattokinase’, which is an enzyme that breaks down fibrin . . . If you look at parts of the world like Northern Japan, they don’t die from heart disease and strokes. And they eat a lot of soy . . . [Nattokinase is] know as a fibrinolytic enzyme that’s available both in food and as a supplement. I’ve had colleagues who’ve ended up with clots . . . and I’ve said, ‘Have you tried nattokinase?’ And a day or two later, their clot is resolved!”

— Dr. Ryan Cole (this comment appears at around 48:50 in this video)


Could An Enzyme (Nattokinase) In A Traditional Japanese Dish Hold The Key To Treating COVID-19? (Emma Suttie / The Epoch Times – 01/31/23)
Signature Series Spike Support Formula (Includes Nattokinase)

BoostCeuticals Nattokinase Supplement


Dr. Henry Ealy: Why COVID-19 Vaccines May Rewrite The DNA Of Some People, But Not Others


Dr. Henele Henry Ealy’s Course To Heal COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries (& Other Illnesses)

Dr. Henele Henry Ealy’s Course


Steve Kirsch: Using Nasal Rinses To Fight COVID (Includes Nasal Rinse Demonstration)

NeilMed All Natural Sinus Rinse


Maajid Nawaz Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough: The McCullough Protocol

“I can tell you out of all the doctors in the world, I’m nearly certain I’ve used the widest range of drugs. I don’t think there’s a single doctor who can match me. I’ve used them all! . . . Out of all the drugs that I’ve used, I can tell you, clinically, [that] the most dynamic and most rapidly-acting drug is Ivermectin. And that’s the reason why Ivermectin gets so much commentary. People take Ivermectin, appropriately dosed at 600 micrograms per kilogram in this acute viral phase, and they get nearly immediate relief. And I’ve seen it firsthand in my patients.”

“Ivermectin is the only thing that antagonizes the spike protein and also blocks nuclear entry of the virus into the cell. And lastly changes various intracellular inflammatory mediators called kinases. So Ivermectin is very dynamic.”

“An ecological analysis: Hospitals in Mexico stacked with COVID patients clear out when they start an Ivermectin program. Same thing happened in South America. Same thing happened in India. That’s the reason why Ivermectin gets such a note.”

— Dr. Peter McCullough

The McCullough ProtocolPovidone Iodine Prep Solution


Dr. Peterson Pierre: Spike Protein Detox Options

Spike Protein Detox Options:

1. Ivermectin
2. Suramin
3. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
4. Catechin and Kurkumin

Spike Protein Detox Guide


COVID Essentials Guide Overleaf (pdf)
Spike Protein Detox Guide
If You’ve Been Feeling Unwell Since Your COVID Vaccine (pdf)


A New Vaccine Detox Protocol from Professor X


Spike Shedding – How To Protect Your Family With Judy Mikovits, PhD

Judy Mikovitis Recommended Products & Protocols


The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science Of Grounding (Full Documentary)

While earthing has proven helpful in treating many different illnesses, it is listed on this page because it is especially good at reducing inflammation.

Earthing Website


Protocols & Treatments:

How I’m Treating My COVID – I’m Double Vaxxed (Steve Kirsch – 06/26/22)
Dr. Mercola’s COVID Treatment Protocol
How To Remove Harmful Spike Protein From Your Body (The Epoch Times – 05/09/22) Download PDF Version Of This Article
A Practical Approach To Keeping Healthy After Your Covid-19 Jab (World Council For Health)
The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’s (FLCCC’s) Prevention And Early At-Home Treatment Protocol
The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’s (FLCCC’s) In-Hospital Protocol
The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’s (FLCCC’s) Long-Term Management Guidance For Long-Haul COVID-19 Syndrome
The Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons: A Guide To Home-Based COVID Treatment (pdf)
World Council For Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines: Home-Based Care For Healthy Families (pdf)
American’s Frontline Doctors
The McCullough Protocol (pdf)
Dr. Peter McCullough: Highly Effective Protocols And Strategies For Treating Covid-19
The Zelenko COVID-19 Protocol
How To Treat Covid, Long-Haul, And Covid Vaccine Side-Effects (Steve Kirsch)
Dr. Thomas Levy COVID-19 Therapeutic Recommendations
Judy Mikovitis Recommended Products & Protocols


Ascent Nutrition Products

Some of the most important and useful nutrients/natural approaches to detoxification of heavy metals, toxins and general environmental pollution include Humic and Fulvic Acid, Pine Needle Extract, Pine Pollen Tincture and Algae Oil DHA. Humic and Fulvic acid in nature is known to bind to heavy metals, including graphene, as well as bind to certain potentially harmful proteins. It also helps with overall detoxification, nutrient absorption and cellular energy. Pine Needle Extract is loaded in shikimic acid, which is known to support the cardiovascular system and support healthy blood flow and oxygenation. Pine Pollen Tincture contains 200+ nutrients, including DHEA, glutathione, SOD, MSM and many other nutrients that support detoxification, immune and respiratory support and neurological function. Lemon Algae Oil DHA contains a vegan, algae-sourced omega-3 product that contains DHA, EPA and 22 other fatty acids. Ascent Nutrition offers all of these at www.GoAscentNutrition.com


MUST WATCH: Spike Protein Dangers & How To Detoxify From It

8 Ways Spike Proteins Harm Human Bodies:

1. Damage lung cells
2. Damage mitochondria cells
3. Damage cardiovascular cells
4. Increase risk of blood clots
5. Damage brain cells
6. Promote long-term inflammation
7. Suppress immunity
8. Increase risk of cancer

How To Remove Spike Proteins & Detoxify Your Body:

1. Zinc
2. Vitamin D
3. Vitamin C
4. Omega 3
5. Quercetin

Spike Protein Inhibitors:

1. Selfheal
2. Pine Needles
3. Rheum Emodin
4. Neem
5. Dandelion Leaf
6. Ivermectin

Spike Protein Neutralizers:

1. N Acceltycystine (NAC)
2. Glutathione
3. Fennel Tea
4. Anise Tea
5. Pine Needle Tea
6. St. John’s Wort
7. Lithospermum
8. Vitamin C

How To Remove Harmful Spike Protein From Your Body (The Epoch Times – 05/09/22) Download PDF Version Of This Article


How To Detox Spike Protein After COVID Or Vaccine by Dr. Joseph Mercola (pdf) • Original Article

Story At-A-Glance:

• If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body

• Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs

The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body

• Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione

• The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium

Related Link: Dr. Mercola’s COVID Treatment Protocol


Early Treatment Options
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

While the overall risk of COVID-19 has been grossly exaggerated, early treatment is key, both for preventing severe infection and preventing “long-haul COVID.” Here are a few suggestions:

Oral-nasal decontamination — The virus, especially the Delta variant, replicates rapidly in the nasal cavity and mouth for three to five days before spreading to the rest of the body, so you want to strike where it’s most likely to be found right from the start.

Research has demonstrated that irrigating your nasal passages with 2.5 milliliters of 10 percent povidone-iodine (an antimicrobial) and standard saline, twice a day, is an effective remedy. Another option that was slightly less effective was using a mixture of saline with half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (an alkalizer). You can also gargle with these to kill viruses in your mouth and throat. When done routinely, it can be a very effective preventive strategy. You can find printable treatment guides on TruthForHealth.org.

Vitamin D optimization — Research has shown having a vitamin D level above 50 ng/mL brings the risk of COVID mortality down to near-zero.

Other key nutraceuticals — Vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and NAC all have scientific backing.

Key drugs — For acute infection, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, or monoclonal antibodies can be used. While monoclonal antibodies and hydroxychloroquine must be used early on in the disease process, ivermectin has been shown to be effective in all stages of the infection.

Doxycycline or azithromycin are typically added as well, to address any secondary bacterial infection, as well as inhaled budesonide (a steroid). Oral steroids are used on and after the fifth day for pulmonary weakness and aspirin or NAC can be added to reduce the risk of clotting.

Full-strength aspirin is also typically recommended, but I believe lumbrokinase and serrapeptase may be a better, at least safer, alternative, as they help break down and prevent blood clots naturally.


How To Create & Use The Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections (Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide)

Read this article to understand why nebulized hydrogen peroxide is so effective at treating viral infections:
Perhaps The Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections
A backup copy of this article also appears in the description of the above video.

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The Miracle Vitamin – Vitamin D

Rapid Virus Recovery Website
Rapid Virus Recovery (pdf)
Additional Places To Download Rapid Virus Recovery

Dr. Thomas Levy COVID-19 Therapeutic Recommendations


MUST WATCH: How To Get Early Treatment When It Is Unavailable Or Being Suppressed

Watch The Full 5-Hour Panel DiscussionWatch A 38-Minute Summary


Current News & Information:

Acute Psychosis After COVID-19 Vaccination (Dr. Peter McCullough, 01/30/23)
Friday Hope: Bromelain, NAC And Spike Disintegration (Walter Chesnut / WMC Research – 01/20/23)

In another study, bromelain at a concentration of 100 μg/ml was found to be effective in dissolving SARS-COV-2 spikes and envelope proteins. When combined with 20 mg/ml of acetylcysteine, the SARS-COV-2 spike and envelope proteins are fully disintegrated.

Breakthrough Nutritional Solutions Discovered That May HALT CLOTTING And UNFOLD SPIKE PROTEINS (Mike Adams / Natural News – 01/17/23)
Long COVID-Induced Neuropsychiatric Risks Can Last Beyond 2 Years; 1 Remedy To Protect From Or Reverse The Situation (The Epoch Times – 09/20/22)

In addition to the need for nutrients such as glucose and oxygen, the brain’s self-repairing and regenerative functions are facilitated by daily soothing, relaxing, and voluntary exercise.

We have previously mentioned the benefits that sitting in meditation brings to the brain. This isn’t necessarily conflicting with the exercise advice. The human body is one organic equilibrium that requires a balance of movement and stillness. If our movement and stillness can be dynamically balanced well, our brains benefit from such dynamic equilibrium quite a lot.

This is why we have always emphasized that aerobic exercise that makes you feel comfortable is the best. We can all arrange it appropriately according to our life and work schedule.

There’s a saying: “Walking a hundred steps after each meal can help you live to be 99 years old.” Such exercise is not only helpful to our intestines and digestion, but also beneficial to our brain and nerve regeneration. It’s easy, cost-free, and natural. It could potentially help us to prevent premature aging and the neurological/psychological sequelae of COVID.

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Has 1,291 Side Effects Reveals Released Documents (GreatGameIndia – 03/05/22)
Pfizer Adverse Event Reports Received Through 28-Feb-2021 (pdf)
Does Regular Exercise Counter T Cell Immunosenescence Reducing the Risk of Developing Cancer and Promoting Successful Treatment of Malignancies?
COVID Shots Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease In Young People, MIT Scientist Warns (The Defender – 01/14/22)
Over 100,000 Psychiatric Disorders Like Hallucination & Suicide Reported After COVID Vaccination (greatgameindia.com – 12/01/21)
20 Year Old Young Woman Suffers Acute Psychosis One Week After Pfizer COVID Vaccine (greatgameindia.com – 12/01/21)
New VAERS Analysis Reveals Hundreds Of Serious Adverse Events That The CDC And FDA Never Told Us About (Steve Kirsch – 11/09/21)
A Comparison Of Official Government Reports Suggest The Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (The Expose – 10/10/21)

Latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-70 year olds have lost 40% of their immune system capability compared to unvaccinated people. Their immune systems are deteriorating at around 5% per week (between 2.7% and 8.7%). If this continues then 30-50 year olds will have 100% immune system degradation, zero viral defence by Christmas and all doubly vaccinated people over 30 will have lost their immune systems by March next year.

Dr. Nathan Thompson: When I Tested Someone’s Immune System After The 2nd Jab
Chris Sky: Dozens Of People Reporting Low White Blood Cell Counts
More Evidence That Vitamin D Protects Against Severe Covid-19 Disease And Death (greatgameindia – 10/03/21)
Exclusive: Woman Injured By Covid Vaccine Pleads With Health Agencies For Help, As Local News Agency Kills Story After Pressure From Pfizer (The Defender – 09/30/21)
Harvard Epidemiologist Says The Case For COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished (FEE – 08/30/21)

Large Israeli study: vaccinated individuals are 27 times more likely to get a symptomatic COVID infection than those with natural immunity from COVID.


C19 Vaccine Reactions Survey:

90% – Did NOT have prior COVID
67% – Only Received First Shot
73% – Were Hospitalized
79% – Tingling/Vibrating/Shaking
27% – BP Issues
52% – Heart Issues
45% – Muscle Weakness
57% – Numbness
44% – Dizziness
43% – Fatigue
42% – Stomach Issues
29% – Tremor
36% – Muscle Twitch/Spasm
44% – Headaches
19% – Tinnitus
37% – Brain Fog





Dr. Ryan Cole: Treating Myocarditis With Infrared Light

“One of the patterns in myocarditis is up regulation of a certain receptor called toll-like receptor number 4. And that up regulation will induce certain inflammatory pathways to start causing inflammation of the heart. Well we know in vitro we can down regulate that receptor with something as simple as near-infrared light. And near-infrared light can penetrate up to about four inches through skin, through bone, into the deep tissues of our body. Now it helps regenerate mitochondria but it also down regulates this receptor which then hypothetically would also down regulate inflammation. So something as simple as taking x number of patients with myocarditis, taking a near-infrared light panel, putting it on the cardiac tissue, we know it works in vitro, completely, very well risk intervention, 16 – 20 minute exposure per day, and then check the inflammatory markers, do the followup scans. Simple studies like this; these out-of-the-box ideas when we have the plausible mechanisms already proven, we have the pilot information available . . . Some of the traditional things: the steroids, the Cultrazine, don’t move your body for six months — sure; but what about finding better things constantly? That’s what medicine should be doing, science should be doing, is asking questions and then evolving.”

— Dr. Ryan Cole

See Also: Near-Infrared Light Resource Page


Dr. Zandre Botha Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims

Dr. Zandre Botha’s Post Jab Detox Supplements Guide (pdf)

Dr. Zandre Botha’s Website


Covid-19 Vaccines Now Have The Highest Death Rate Of Any Vaccines In History

This interview includes lots of specific COVID-19 treatment recommendations.


Dr. Rochagné Kilian Blows The Whistle On Covid-19 Vaccines And D-Dimer Levels


Dr. Byram Bridle: “The More Vaccinated The Country, The More Problems They Are Having…”


“What I have seen way too much of and it does cause me very serious concern is that we are seeing people who had cancers that were in remission or that were being well controlled and their cancers have gone completely out of control after getting the vaccine. We do know that the vaccine causes at least a temporary drop in T-Cell numbers. T-Cells are part of our immune system and they are the critical weapons that our immune system has to fight off cancer cells . . . I would say that [this is] my newest major safety concern and it is also the one that is going to be by far the most underreported in the adverse event database. And that’s because if a person had a cancer before the vaccine there is no way public health officials will ever link it to the vaccine. But what we are seeing is oncology teams that had pushed the cancers into remission and keeping them well controlled can no longer control them after the vaccine.”

Who Is Dr. Byram Bridle?


• 8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny)

1. Can directly attack lungs
2. Can inhibit anti-inflammatory macrophages, which produces cytokine storms
3. Can cause spike proteins to replicate uncontrollably
4. Can attack motor neurons causing uncontrollable tremors and shaking
5. Can cause debilitating fatigue (the number one symptom)
6. Can cause stiff-person syndrome where people are unable to walk
7. Can attack other tissues and organs in the body
8. Can cause anaphylactic reaction

• 20 Mechanisms Of Injury (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – pdf)
• 20 Mechanisms Of Injury (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – more complete web version)

• Sars-Cov-2 Vaccines And Neurodegenerative Disease (Stephanie Seneff)

There are many reasons to be wary of the COVID-19 vaccines, which have been rushed to market with grossly inadequate evaluation and aggressively promoted to an uninformed public, with the potential for huge, irreversible, negative consequences. One potential consequence is to exhaust the finite supply of progenitor B cells in the bone marrow early in life, causing an inability to mount new antibodies to infectious agents. An even more worrisome possibility is that these vaccines, both the mRNA vaccines and the DNA vector vaccines, may be a pathway to crippling disease sometime in the future. Through the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, CKD, ALS and Alzheimer’s, and these diseases will show up with increasing prevalence among younger and younger populations, in years to come. Unfortunately, we won’t know whether the vaccines caused this increase, because there will usually be a long time separation between the vaccination event and the disease diagnosis. Very convenient for the vaccine manufacturers, who stand to make huge profits off of our misfortunes — both from the sale of the vaccines themselves and from the large medical cost of treating all these debilitating diseases.

Identified Issues:

• The Spike Protein Is Toxic
• Bell’s Palsy, Autism And Parkinson’s Disease
• Prion Diseases
• The Spleen
• Germinal Centers And Parkinson’s Disease
• Impaired Immune Response Due To Over-Vaccination

Letter To Physicians: Four New Scientific Discoveries Regarding The Safety And Efficacy Of Covid-19 Vaccines (Doctors for COVID Ethics – 07/09/21)
The Many Ways In Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health (Mercola – 06/13/21)


Prion Diseases

“It looks like we’re in for some major social disruption once the effect of widespread prion disease becomes apparent. Prion disease is detectable via the olfactory nerve; it is also transmissible via nasal secretions. Considering the fact that prion proteins are virtually indestructible, and have likely been seeded in immense numbers of people all across the world, it is highly likely that practically every square foot of every public space has some degree of contamination at this point, and virtually everybody, whether infected, vaccinated or otherwise completely untouched by COVID-19, has been infected. The initial inoculum, or dose, matters; while the vaccinated will certainly be the first to fall, having been injected, willingly or through coercion, with trillions of prionogenic proteins, the degree to which disease may result from viral infection, or fomite transmission, remains unclear. It could be the case that such exposures will result in a more normal multi-decade incubation period. At this time, this is little more than speculation, and nothing but time is going to answer that question. As for the vaccinated, numerous signals of widespread prion disease are already being identified (much stronger evidence may come when wider testing has been accomplished, which should hopefully be very soon) and it is likely a mere matter of months before the descent into madness begins.

“There are also a number of promising treatments. Prion disease has been recognized for a long time, and no treatment has been positively identified as curative yet. However, there are two potential treatments that stand out as the most likely to provide strong benefit against prion disease. Resveratrol, found in red wine and supplement form, may be able to induce autophagy of infected cells, and thus consume and destroy prionic protein before significant damage has taken place. Lichen serine protease is also very promising. A protease is, generally speaking, a protein that destroys other proteins; with little other natural recourse, proteases found in some species of lichen have been found to attack and degrade prion protein. Safety and efficacy trials have not been completed to provide any indication of an appropriate dose, expected efficacy, or a full safety profile; nothing in this article should be construed to be medical advice, and you should certainly speak with your doctor about anything you may be considering taking. However, something is better than nothing (a point unfortunately lost on our own authorities concerning COVID-19 treatment.) With the limited time still available before this turns into a much more real and present crisis, accelerated research to more firmly identify useful prophylactics and cures remains ongoing. Notably, a safe and accessible test is available. Speak to your doctor about taking one today.

“If humanity is unable to work together to pull ourselves out of this mess, then I suppose the best we can hope for at this point is to save ourselves. The TV-watching, Fauci-praising, vaccinated zombies are largely lost causes at this point, and seem like they are happily cheering on yet another repeat of some of history’s darkest genocidal moments, as the propaganda against the unvaccinated starts to shift into high gear.”

Adam Gaertner


COVID-19 Vaccines – Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Judy Mikovits & Stephanie Seneff


While the variety of diseases we may see a rise in as a result of this vaccination campaign are myriad, some general predictions can be made. We’ve already seen a massive uptick in blood clotting disorders, heart attacks and stroke, as well as heart inflammation.

More long term, Seneff believes we’ll see a significant rise in cancer, accelerated Parkinson’s-like diseases, Huntington’s disease, and all types of autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative disorders.

Mikovits also suspects many will develop chronic and debilitating diseases and will die prematurely. At highest risk, she places those who are asymptomatically infected with XMRVs and gammaretroviruses from contaminated conventional vaccines. The COVID shot will effectively accelerate their death by crippling their immune function. “The kids that are highly vaccinated, they’re ticking time bombs,” Mikovits said in my May 2021 interview.

While all of this is highly problematic, there is hope. From my perspective, I believe the best thing you can do is to build your innate immune system. To do that, you need to become metabolically flexible and optimize your diet. You’ll also want to make sure your vitamin D level is optimized to between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (100 nmol/L to 150 nmol/L).

I also recommend time-restricted eating, where you eat all your meals for the day within a six- to eight-hour window. Time-restricted eating will also upregulate autophagy, which may help digest and remove spike protein. Avoid all vegetable oils and processed foods. Focus on certified-organic foods to minimize your glyphosate exposure.

Sauna therapy may also be helpful. It upregulates heat shock proteins, which can help refold misfolded proteins. They also tag damaged proteins and target them for removal.

Download Transcript (pdf)


What To Do If You Got A COVID-19 Vaccine


• Stop wearing masks

• Get sunshine to build Vitamin D, also use Vitamin D supplements

• Take Vitamin C

• Take Zinc with tonic water that contains quinine

• Eat healthy

• Engage in aerobic exercises

• Take natural supplements to reduce blood clotting


Genocide Alert
From Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko
August 5, 2021
Source: Vladimir Zev Zelenko’s Telegram Channel

– New data shows the viral titers are higher in vaccinated victims than in unvaccinated people.

– This may mean the feared ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) has started. This is the worst nightmare scenario and fear of Dr. Luc Montaguier, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Delores Cahill, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Richard Malone, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and myself.

– This poses the greatest risk of genocide to the human race in the history of humanity.

– If you are vaccinated then consider yourself at higher risk to die from ADE than a 95 year old nursing home resident.

Potential Strategy for not succumbing to ADE:

– Immediately stop getting poison death vaccine injections.

– Consider yourself at the highest risk and immediately start the high risk antiviral prophylaxis protocols.

High risk antiviral prophylaxis includes: zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d3, ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

– Quercetin or EGCG are most likely not strong enough to protect you.

This means z-stack is insufficient for high risk patients and should not be used as a stand alone.

– Stop listening to mainstream media and the recommendations of the CBC, NIH, FDA, WHO, and the Biden administration. They are the enemy of the people.

– It is time for God-centered humanity to intensify peaceful worldwide protests against tyranny.

– Do not use violence. Be aware of your constitutional rights especially the legality of stand-your-ground laws.

– Immediately arrest the sociopathic masterminds of this attempted conspiracy of genocide and enslavement of humanity. They must be brought to legal justice.

On a personal note, I want to express my deepest soulful love for my wife, children, parents, brother, friends, and all those warriors that have risked everything to help save humanity from devolved pagans.

I strongly believe that we are on the cusp of a global redemptive transformation that will usher in the revelation of the essence of God.

God bless you all.

Who Is Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko?



Mercola & Zelenko: Treating COVID-19 & Healing Vaccine Damage

A Step-By-Step Guide Of The Information Shared In This Conversation Is Located Here


The Zelenko COVID-19 Protocol

Z Pack – Dr. Zelenko’s All-In-One Immune Boosting Formula


Mike Adams: Has The COVID-19 Virus Been Isolated? Vaccine Dangers & Treatments


Our First Hand ICU Story – What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital


CURING COVID! Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks ‘Shedding’, Jab Recovery and DEFEATING the ‘Virus’


5 Holistic Doctors: What They Are Doing To Protect Themselves From Covid-19 Vaccinations


General Advice

“I recommend optimizing your vitamin D levels to 60 to 80 nanograms per milliliter and improving your metabolic flexibility so your body can seamlessly transition between burning fats and glucose as your primary fuel. One way to do this is to condense your eating window to about six to eight hours a day.

“Even without changing your calories, this can make a profound difference, but from a perspective of choosing the right foods, one of the most important strategies that I’ve learned over my four decades of studying this is to avoid processed foods, nearly all of which are loaded with vegetable, or seed, oils.

“These oils have a high content of linoleic acid, which contributes to mitochondrial instability and increases susceptibility to oxidative stress. This, in turn, increases immune dysfunction and mitochondrial dysfunction. These are simple strategies I recommend, as they’re useful to improve your overall health and resiliency to fight any infection.”

— Dr. Joseph Mercola, Awareness Foundation COVID-19 Roundtable

Vaccinated Or Not, Acute COVID-19 In High-Risk Patients Demands Early Treatment (McCullough Report – 08/17/21)


Vitamins C & D

The Miracle Vitamin – Vitamin C
The Miracle Vitamin – Vitamin D
Dr. Fauci Megadoses Vitamin C, Ivermectin Vs. Vitamin Therapy, And Censoring The Science On Natural Healing (GreenMedInfo – 09/09/21)
Vitamin C Treatment For Covid-19 Being Silenced (Mercola)
Why I’m Removing All Articles Related To Vitamin D, C And Zinc And Covid-19 (Mercola)
Vitamin D Deficiency And Covid 19 – Its Central Role In The World Pandemic (Drs David C. Anderson and David S. Grimes)
Evidence Regarding Vitamin D And Risk Of COVID-19 And Its Severity (MDPI)
40 Trillion Packages Of RNA Have Been Injected That Induce Irreversible Changes In Your Blood Vessels. Now What? (LewRockwell.com – 07/22/21)
Vitamin C Cuts COVID Deaths By Two-Thirds (Principia Scientific – 10/15/20)


Andrew Saul – High Dose Vitamin C Therapy For Major Diseases

“Vitamin C (ascorbate, ascorbic acid) has varying activity in the body at varying levels of intake. At low levels of consumption, vitamin C is like a trace nutrient: you need very little of it to stay alive, but without any at all you die. Even a few milligrams a day will suffice to preserve life. At moderate levels of consumption, say 500 to 1,500 mg per day for an adult, the vitamin works to build health in a positive sense. Statistically, fewer colds will be reported; incidence, severity and duration of influenza will be less. But it is at high levels, say 8,000 to 40,000 mg per day for an adult, that we begin to obtain therapeutic properties for the vitamin.

“At the proper (high) level, vitamin C has antihistamine, antitoxin, antibiotic, antipyretic (fever-lowering) and antiviral properties . . . QUANTITY, FREQUENCY and DURATION are the keys to effective orthomolecular use of vitamin C. So many people hold a philosophical viewpoint such as ‘I shouldn’t have to take so much of a vitamin.’ That’s certainly true; you do not have to . . . But what we are interested in is results. High doses of vitamin C get those results as well or better than any broad-spectrum drug on the market.

“The safety of vitamin C is extraordinary. There is not one case of vitamin C toxicity anywhere in the world’s medical literature. There is not one case of vitamin C-caused kidney stone ever proven, and I have been on the lookout for one for over 40 years. Indeed, vitamin C has been used to prevent and cure the formation of kidney stones since William J. McCormick, M.D. used it in 1946 . . . Daily doses of over 120,000 mg have been used with safety by medical doctors, and guinea pigs have been given the human daily dose equivalent of 500,000 mg without harm. The major side effect of vitamin C overload is an unmistakable several-times-an-hour loose stool. This, or excessive flatulence, indicates absolute saturation, and the daily dose is then dropped to the highest amount that will not bring about loose stool. That is a THERAPEUTIC level. Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. of North Carolina has seen cures of diphtheria, staph and strep infections, herpes, mumps, spinal meningitis, mononucleosis, shock, viral hepatitis, arthritis and polio using high doses of vitamin C. Dr. Klenner says: ‘Ascorbic acid is the safest and the most valuable substance available to the physician” and “If you want results, use adequate ascorbic acid.’ ”

Andrew Saul, PhD


Pine Needles

Pine Needle Extract – Made from Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needles
My Story Of Potential Exposure To Spike Proteins Via Shedding From “Vaccinated” People, And The Potential Suramin, Shikimic Acid, Pine Needle Tea Cure And Prophylaxis (The COVID Blog – 06/08/21)
PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission

Dr. Mikovitz reveals that you can ingest enough of the spike protein antidote from pine needle tea which offers an inhibitory effect against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. This Covid-19 spike protein is coagulating the blood and causing blood clots, mini-clots, brain embolisms (strokes), heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms (lung), unusually heavy menstrual cycles, uterus shedding and heavy bruising. These are all things front-line doctors have described seeing in transmission cases. Pine needle tea is one of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man and it’s a super food. You can pluck it right off the tree and eat the tips. Dr. Mikovitz explains that the spike protein antidote is contained within Pine, Spruce, Fir and Cedar. Pine needle oil is known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress, depression, pain, respiratory infections like pneumonia, influenza and COVID-19. Pine needle tea also kills parasites.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: How To Mitigate The Effects Of An mRNA Vaccine
How To Neutralize Potential Damage From mRNA Vaccines


How To Identify, Harvest, And Make White Pine Needle Tea


Black Seed Oil, Pine Needles, Star Anise Tea

Professional Mountain Biker Kyle Warner Describes Being Seriously Injured By Pfizer’s Vaccine

Pine Needle Extract – Made from Wildcrafted Eastern White Pine Needles
Black Seed Oil
Star Anise Tea
Thuja Occidentalis


Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

The Highly Effective Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Against COVID-19 That Dr Fauci Won’t Tell You About (GreatGameIndia – 09/09/21)


Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine

How An Ivermectin Researcher, Who Could Have Saved Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives, Decided Not To (Michael Capuzzo – 01/13/22)
• The Drug That Cracked Covid: Ivermectin (SummaryPDF of Full Article)
How to Get Ivermectin (FLCCC Alliance)
Frequently Asked Questions On Ivermectin (FLCCC Alliance)
Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance)
Need A Doctor To Write You A Prescription For Ivermectin? (America’s Frontline Doctors)
Dr. Peter McCullough: Highly Effective Protocols And Strategies For Treating Covid-19

India’s Ivermectin Blackout: Part II (The Desert Review – 08/13/21)
Why Is The FDA Attacking A Safe, Effective Drug? (Wall Street Journal – 07/28/21)
Former FOX Reporter Says Media, WHO Are Covering Up Reports About Effectiveness Of Ivermectin, HCQ To Treat Coronavirus (Life Site – 06/28/21)
COVID-19 Early Treatment: Real-Time Analysis Of 702 Studies (C19Early)
Physicians, Scientists Believe Doctors’ Group Deserves Nobel Prize For Finding ‘Most Powerful Covid-19 Killer Known To Science’ (Ivermectin) (Life Site – 06/20/21)
New Study Links Ivermectin To ‘Large Reductions’ In Covid-19 Deaths (Clarion News – 06/21/21)
All About Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine (Mercola)


Dr. Pierre Kory – The Extraordinary Success Of Using Ivermectin To Treat COVID-19 Around The World

How to Get Ivermectin (FLCCC Alliance)
Frequently Asked Questions On Ivermectin (FLCCC Alliance)
Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance)


A Coordinated Disinformation Campaign To Discredit Ivermectin


Mainstream Media Caught Spreading Fake Ivermectin Overdose Story


Joe Rogan: “Do I Have To Sue CNN . . . They’re Making Shit Up!”


Joe Rogan Makes Quick Recovery From Covid Using Monoclonal Antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-Pack…

Top U.S. Podcast Host – Joe Rogan – Attacked For Quick Covid Recovery From Ivermectin (Free West Media – 09/03/21)


Original Tweet – September 6, 2021


Banned By YouTube: COVID, Ivermectin, And The Crime Of The Century

“If you treat COVID-19 patients’ first symptoms with Ivermectin almost everybody gets better quickly.” — Dr. Pierre Kory


Ivermectin In COVID-19 (FLCCC)



YouTube Suspends Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis) For Touting Unproven Treatments For Covid-19 (MSN News – 06/11/21)
Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine And Zinc Treatments Increased Coronavirus Survival Rate By Almost Three Times (Washington Examiner – 06/09/21)
Yale Doctor Tells RFK, Jr. How He Was Attacked By Colleagues Over Covid Treatment Recommendation For High-Risk Patients (The Defender – 06/10/21)

“Hydroxychloroquine is exceedingly safe. Common sense tells us this, that a medication safely used for 65 years by hundreds of millions of people in tens of billions of doses worldwide, prescribed without routine screening EKGs, given to adults, children and pregnant women and nursing mothers, must be safe when used in the initial viral-replication phase of an illness that is similar at that point to colds or flu.”

Fauci And Top Us Doctors Caught! They Conspired To Disqualify Hydroxychloroquine As Covid Treatment (The Gateway Pundit – 06/06/21)
Ivermectin Obliterates 97 Percent Of Delhi Cases (The Desert Review – 06/01/21)
Indian Bar Association Serves Legal Notice Upon Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, The Chief Scientist, WHO (takshakpost.com – 05/28/21)
• COVID-19 Cases Plummet In India As They Distribute Ivermectin And Hydroxychloroquine (Health Impact News – 05/17/21)
COVID-19 Cases Plummet In India As They Distribute Ivermectin And Hydroxychloroquine (Health Impact News – 05/17/21)
Tens Of Thousands Of Lives Could Have Been Saved If Research On Covid Treatments Hadn’t Been Suppressed (The Defender – 05/13/21)

As early as March and April 2020, doctors began communicating — with cautious optimism — their experiences using interventions with years or decades of safe use behind them, including the promising repurposing of well-known drugs (for example, hydroxychloroquine, the inhaled steroid budesonide and ivermectin) as well as positive results from judicious use of supplements and therapies such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1 (thiamine), zinc, iodine and nebulized hydrogen peroxide.


Breathing & Cold Water Therapy

The Wim Hof Method


Nature, Prayer, Mind-Over-Matter, Miracles

Near-Death Experiences On The Importance Of Plants, Animals, And The Earth
Near-Death Experiences On The Power Of Prayer

Near-Death Experiences & Miraculous Healings
Radical Remissions, Mind Over Matter, The Power Of Placebos
Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography (pdf download)


Other Holistic & Conventional Approaches

Andrew Saul’s DoctorYourself.com
A Holistic Approach To Viruses (Book)

“Dr Brownstein gives us the recipe for bolstering the most powerful and successful vaccine ever devised — the human immune system.”

— Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Children’s Health Defense

40 Trillion Packages Of RNA Have Been Injected That Induce Irreversible Changes In Your Blood Vessels. Now What? (LewRockwell.com – 07/22/21)

Take action on your own to prevent micro-clots from forming in the blood vessels throughout your body, as follows:

– Anti-Clotting Diet
– Resveratrol
– Enzymatic Clot Buster: Nattokinase
– Vitamin C and Blood Clots


General Health Guidelines From Near-Death Experiencers

“People who have had NDEs tend to be especially sensitive to their physical environment after they return. They are less able to tolerate anything that is inconsistent with the intensely vital, life-giving energy of the other realm. Thus, they have more adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, other drugs, and alcohol than previously. Many avoid foods that contain chemicals or artificial sweeteners and prefer organic foods instead. Some become vegetarians. They seek out nature and fresh air. This sensitivity extends to sounds. Many NDEs include music, and NDErs typically feel drawn to music that resonates with their experience. They prefer natural, gentle, melodious sounds and take more pleasure than before in classical or soothing music. They dislike loud, jarring noise.”

“When NDErs return, they tend to gravitate toward whatever is most consistent with physical wholeness, and they usually treat their bodies with greater love and care. For example, they are attracted to alternative medicine, perhaps because it tries to help the body remember its innate wisdom and balance by working with the body’s energy systems, rather than by manipulating the body with drugs. Perhaps this shift is a reflection of a change in the energetic frequency of the NDEr, who has returned from an immersion in the highest frequencies of the universe. The person will then be drawn toward what matches that higher frequency. Alternative medicine may be a better match because it emphasizes energetic (or frequency-based) methods of healing… Thus, when NDErs try to avoid chemicals in the form of pharmaceuticals, perhaps they are simply seeking out what best matches them and avoiding what does not.

“Similarly, non-organic food has usually been treated with chemicals that are alien to and unrecognizable by the body. These chemicals degrade the food’s natural energy, whereas whole organic foods retain more of the energy of life. Since we are made of energy in the form of light, our bodies know the difference. NDErs may be more consciously aware of and sensitive to the energy in substances such as food, since they are likely more aware of the energy in the form of light that constitutes themselves and all things. Thus, NDErs may change their diet. They may also make other changes, such as giving up smoking or drinking, exercising more, and living as close to the earth as possible.”

The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences: You Don’t Have to Die to Experience Your True Home, by Sheila Fabricant Linn, Dennis Linn, Matthew Linn



Near-Death Experiencer Anita Moorjani

Who Is Anita Moorjani?

Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore of Indian parents. At the age of two, Anita moved to Hong Kong where she grew up speaking English, Cantonese and Sindhi, an Indian dialect. In April of 2002, Anita was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). After four years of struggling with cancer, Anita’s body, riddled with tumors the size of lemons, began to fail. In February of 2006, she slipped into a coma. Doctors gave her hours to live. As her body lay dying, Anita entered another dimension. In this otherworldly place, Anita experienced profound peace and love. She also learned many things about life, and the laws of life, including how she had caused her own cancer. Then she was given a choice: stay on the other side, or return to Earth. After being reassured that her body would heal itself if she returned, Anita chose to return and share with others what she learned. To the amazement of her doctors, Anita woke up from her coma and within weeks her body was fully healed. Anita’s life is now filled with the depths and insights she gained while in the other realm. Her remarkable NDE and miraculous recovery has created enormous interest on an international scale.

• NDE Stories on Anita Moorjani
• Anita Moorjani Website
• Anita Moorjani on Facebook
• Anita Moorjani on Twitter
• Anita Moorjani on YouTube
• Anita Moorjani Describing Her NDE on NDERF


The Healing Power Of Nature

Near-Death Experiences On The Importance Of Plants, Animals, And The Earth
• In Times Of Uncertainty, Let Nature Be Your Refuge
• Your National Parks Are *Free* During Coronavirus


Mikhaila Peterson Interviews Dr. Mercola (& Dr. Kamil)

Related Links:

The Case Against Processed Vegetable Oils

• Concerning Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide, Dr. Mercola writes:

A heavily censored and ridiculed strategy that can be used either preventatively or acutely is nebulized hydrogen peroxide. It’s extremely inexpensive, easy to use (0.1 percent, which is 30 times less concentrated than regular drugstore 3 percent peroxide). Your immune cells actually produce hydrogen peroxide. This is in part how they kills cells that have been infected with a virus. It appears that nebulized hydrogen peroxide merely enhances your immune cells to perform their natural function more effectively. The key is to have your nebulizer already purchased and ready to go so that you can use it at the sign of first symptoms. You can also use it concomitant with vitamin C, as they likely have a powerful synergy and use different complimentary mechanisms.

For more details, check out my interviews with Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Thomas Levy (see below). Both have extensive experience with this treatment and have treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients with it. Brownstein published a peer-reviewed consecutive case series of 107 COVID-19 patients treated with nebulized peroxide and other remedies, including oral vitamins A, C and D, iodine, intravenous hydrogen peroxide and iodine as well as intravenous (IV) vitamin C, along with intramuscular ozone, in the July 2020 issue of Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law. Since then, he’s treated more than 100 additional patients with these strategies. All have survived. Levy also details how to use nebulized peroxide in his free e-book, “Rapid Virus Recovery.” It’s also available in Spanish.



Dr. David Brownstein’s Holistic Medicine

“Dr Brownstein gives us the recipe for bolstering the most powerful and successful vaccine ever devised — the human immune system.”

— Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Children’s Health Defense

Study: A Novel Approach To Treating Covid-19 Using Nutritional And Oxidative Therapies (pdf)


Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID-19, Vitamin D, Ivermectin, Vaccinations, Children, Immune System Boosting Tips

Dr. Ryan Cole is a board certified pathologist and owner of operator of Cole Diagnostics. In this two part video, Dr. Cole discusses the critical role that Vitamin D plays in our health, using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), how COVID-19 is affecting children, how mRNA vaccinations work, including long-term dangers, and advice for how to boost our immune systems.

Vitamin C & D Resource Page
Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (Ivermectin Treatments)


Thomas Levy, Md, Jd, Neutralizing Toxins With Vitamin C & Hydrogen Peroxide


Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough About Treating COVID-19


Peter McCullough, MD – COVID-19 Is Treatable. Why Haven’t We Focused On That Instead Of Vaccines?

Peter McCullough, MD, is a consultant cardiologist and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He is a Principal Faculty in internal medicine for the Texas A & M University Health Sciences Center. Dr. McCullough is an internationally recognized authority on the role of chronic kidney disease as a cardiovascular risk state with over 1000 publications and over 500 citations in the National Library of Medicine. He is the most published scientist in the history of his field.

Dr. McCullough has been involved in the response to COVID-19, both as an academic and as a physician who treats patients. On March 10, 2021, Dr. McCullough testified to the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee. He testified that COVID-19 is treatable, that COVID-19 vaccines are not magic bullets, and that there has been a concerted effort to keep important and even life-saving information from the American public.

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Highly Cited Covid Doctor Comes To Stunning Conclusion: Gov’t ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ Of Injection-Related Deaths (leohohmann.com – 04/30/21)



Del Bigtree: “The Coronavirus Is Going To Get Us!”

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