Embalmers and pathologists are reporting the arteries and veins of many deceased vaccinated people are filled with unnatural clots of fibrous materials. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. Some of these clot reports involve people who HAVE NOT been vaccinated but did receive blood transfusions from vaccinated people!


Embalmers Are Still Finding Mysterious Clots In The Vaccinated (A Midwestern Doctor, 02/22/24)


Alex Jones, Thomas Haviland, Richard Hirschman: Embalmers Discover Blood Clots Causing Mass Deaths


Dr. John Campbell Interviews U.K. Funeral Director About Deadly, Fibrous Vaccine-Induced Blood Clots


Pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt: Autopsies Show The mRNA Vaccine SHREDS People From Within!

Autopsies Reveal Medical Atrocities of Genetic Therapies Being Used Against a Respiratory Virus


Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Final Interview: Revealing The Grave Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines


30 Detailed Autopsies Suggest COVID Vaccines Are Going To Kill Vast Numbers Of People!

Report 56: Autopsies Reveal Medical Atrocities of Genetic Therapies Being Used Against a Respiratory Virus


Current Mystery Clot News:

Exclusive: 70% Of Embalmers Report Finding Strange Blood Clots Beginning In Mid-2021 (John-Michael Dumais, The Defender, 01/22/24)

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland shared the result of his survey of embalmers, who reported sharp upticks in fibrous clots, micro-clotting and infant deaths from mid-2021 following the mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

Some Embalmers Say White, Fibrous Clots Showing Up; Others Say It’s A Conspiracy Theory (Allan Stein, The Epoch Times, 10/03/23 – Original Article)

Devastating COVID Vaccine Autopsy Study, Co-Authored By Dr. Peter McCullough, Suppressed By Lancet

Study: A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination (pdf)

Lancet Study On Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused By Vaccine – Journal Removes Study Within 24 Hours (Will Jones, Daily Sceptic, 07/06/23)

A Lancet review of 325 autopsies after Covid vaccination found that 74% of the deaths were caused by the vaccine — but the journal removed the study within 24 hours. The study, a pre-print that was awaiting peer-review, is written by leading cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch and their colleagues at the Wellness Company and was published online on Wednesday on the pre-print site of the prestigious medical journal. However, less than 24 hours later, the study was removed and a note appeared stating: “This preprint has been removed by Preprints with the Lancet because the study’s conclusions are not supported by the study methodology.” While the study had not undergone any part of the peer-review process, the note implies it fell foul of “screening criteria”.

Systemic Review of 325 Autopsies Finds Convincing Evidence That COVID-19 Vaccine Is The Culprit In Majority Found Dead After Injection (Dr. Peter McCullough, 07/05/23)

As government and public health officials squirm with more published deaths coming out on a daily basis, the final retort of “you cannot prove the vaccine caused the death” has just been blown out of the water! Hulscher et al have published the largest accumulation of autopsy result in deaths after COVID-19 vaccination. From a total of 325 cases, independent review found the COVID-19 vaccine was the cause of death in 73.9%. The vast majority had the cardiovascular system as the single fatal organ system injury to the body.

What Funeral Directors Know That You Don’t (Steve Kirsch – 02/10/23)

I talked to the owner of many funeral homes across the US; collectively they handle over 3,000 funerals a year. He asked that his name be kept confidential for fear of retribution. Overall, their business is up by 50% after the vaccines rolled out and it’s not proportional… young people are a greater portion of the deaths.

For example pilot deaths at Southwest Airlines are up six-fold after the vaccines were mandated.

My source said that normally they’d see 1 stillbirth/month pre-vaccine. After the vaccines rolled out, they were seeing as many as 12 stillbirths a month. But they noted that many hospitals will dispose of these cases directly and NOT involve the funeral home, so they are only seeing a fraction of these deaths; the actual increase could be much larger than the 12X increase they observed.

In the 78 years they’ve been in business, they can’t recall ever having seen a 15-year old die from a heart attack. In December 2022, they had 1 a week for three weeks straight.

A very experienced nurse I consulted had never even heard of a 15-year old with a heart attack in her entire career. Now, she hears of these cases on a regular basis.

These funeral homes are also seeing the strange rubbery clots that they’ve never seen before.

The medical examiner was called and verified it, but nobody is saying anything publicly for fear of being fired.

Do The Mysterious Fibrous Clots Really Exist? (A Midwestern Doctor – 01/18/23)

Results of Embalmer Blood Clot Survey

2 Foot Long “Clot” Pulled From A Living Person Is The New Normal If You Are Vaccinated (Steve Kirsch – 12/28/22)
How To Assess Whether A Death Was Caused By The Covid Vaccine (Steve Kirsch – 12/15/22)
New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine (Will Jones / Brownstone – 12/07/22)
McGill’s “Fact Checker” Fails To Find Critical Flaws In Died Suddenly (Steve Kirsch – 13/03/22)
The Film ‘Died Suddenly’ Lacks Scientific Evidence That Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Mysterious Blood Clots, According To Forbes (Karen Kingston – 11/28/22)

The reason why the claim that ‘mysterious long fibrous structures are being found in the dead bodies of the vaccinated’ is a bizarre claim, is because the American people and global population have been lied to for over the past two years about what mRNA technology is and what’s in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. The fibrous clot phenomena can not be scientifically explained by the manufacturers’ or FDA disclosures, nor can it be explained by what’s has been reported on by our scientific or medical experts, or by the media.

However, the biosynthetic structures are explained by the disclosure of Ai hydrogels in Moderna’s lipid nanoparticle (LNP) patent for all COVID-19 mRNA vaccines manufactured around the globe. All COVID-19 mRNA vaccines also use PEGylated lipids…

PEGylated lipids and Ai hydrogels are used for the purposes of bioengineering hybrid structures inside the cells of living animals, including biosynthetic structures that mimic blood vessels. In the case of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, vaccinated adults and children are the ‘living animals’ these long fibrous structures are being bioengineered in. That is the scientific explanation.

The COVID-19 media stories, mandates, financial rewards, and injections were all based on false narratives designed to destroy America, our military, and our children. We’ve all been subjected to a cruel, well-orchestrated, global, scientific and social experiment of injectable gene-editing (mRNA) bioweapon technologies. An experiment that combined military-grade bioweapons with mass media and government propaganda that used psychological warfare tactics in order to coerce citizens into being injected (i.e. forcing citizens to stay in their homes, mandatory masking, six feet apart rule, continual PCR testing, and unlawful and unconstitutional vaccine mandates)…

What Is Causing The Blood Clots From “Died Suddenly?” (A Midwestern Doctor – 11/26/22)
Dr. Robert Malone Is Not Exactly Correct In His Substack. Is Malone Going ‘Emily Oster Amnesty’ On Us? (Dr. Paul Alexander – 11/27/22)
Sins Of Information Warfare (Dr. Robert Malone – 11/26/22)
“Died Suddenly” Is Typical Trash From Stew Peters (Josh Guetzkow – 11/24/22)
Answering The Critics Of “Died Suddenly” (Steve Kirsch – 11/24/22)

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Embalmer’s Poll: 7 Out Of 10 Embalmers Find Huge Fibrous Clots In Deceased Bodies


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CHD Interview With The Filmmakers Of DIED SUDDENLY (Includes Complete Movie)


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10 Embalmers & Dr. Ryan Cole: How COVID Vaccine Mystery Clots Are Killing People All Over The World


Died Suddenly (Full Documentary, Not Suitable For Children)

Movie WebsiteStew Peters Website


Embalmer Richard Hirschman: The Number Of People Dying With Strange Fibrous Clots Is Increasing!

Embalmers Have Been Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots That Lack Post-Mortem Characteristics


Funeral Director John O’Looney Describes Mystery Clots That Are Killing Vaccinated People

Embalmers Have Been Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots That Lack Post-Mortem Characteristics


Dr. Ryan Cole Is The Only Pathologist In The U.S. Willing To Test For Deaths Caused By COVID Vaccine


Funeral Director: Mystery Clots Appear in 50-70 Percent Of Deceased

Embalmers Have Been Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots That Lack Post-Mortem Characteristics (The Epoch Times – 09/02/22)


UK Undertaker John O’Looney: There Is Some Sort Of ‘White Crap’ Growing In People’s Arteries

“We had a guy in today . . . He was 13 years old. Triple jabbed. He had a post mortem. The family asked us to get him embalmed. And when that happens, they remove all the organs and put them in a plastic bag when they’ve done what they need to do — take samples, and weigh them, and look at them — then they put them back in the body cavity and sew him up. So we have to undo that. That, then, gives you considerable access to that body from the inside and you can see all the crap hanging out in the arteries . . . We thought it was blood clots that were killing people. It’s not. It’s some sort of white crap growing inside people’s arteries and it’s phenomenal. It was honestly chilling to witness. I pulled it out of every artery this guy had . . . the femoral artery, the radial artery, the carotid artery — literally, you’re pulling it out like spaghetti. It grows inside the artery . . . His aorta was literally jammed-pack full of it! What it is, I really don’t know. It is very elastic . . . the bigger it grows, it cuts down the blood supply to everywhere and these people drop down dead.”

— UK Undertaker John O’Looney


UK Undertaker John O’Looney Showing Mystery Clots From Vaccinated Deceased People


Pathologist Ute Kruger: COVID Vaccines & Turbo Cancer (Pathological Evidence With English Subtitles)

Dr. Ute Kruger is a researcher and senior physician at Lunds University in Sweden. She’s the Chief of Pathology, a field that she’s worked in for the last 25 years, with a specialty in breast cancer diagnosis for the past 18 years. She’s studied thousands of autopsies and breast cancer samples. She’s extremely familiar with the industry and patient age, tumor size, and malignancy grade are all within her field of expertise and have had a natural rhythm throughout her career. That natural rhythm came to a halt in 2021 once the vaccine rollout began.

Dr. Kruger outlined 3 major issues with the way autopsies are currently being run in practice:

1. Patient information is sloppy. Dr. Kruger personally had several cases where clinicians had written that the patient was unvaccinated for the autopsy, when in fact in their medical files it was documented that they were vaccinated for Covid.

2. The typical autopsy doesn’t run exams deep enough to diagnose the root cause of certain medical issues. They don’t do rigorous histopathological testing of the tissues where vaccine damage would likely show up, but which is necessary to detect markers of vaccine-induced injury, such as immunological infiltrates or spike proteins in myocardial tissues. Dr. Kruger ran more thorough exams and found myocarditis and inflammations that were missed by the original autopsy.

3. There’s a lack of experience in evaluating these findings, and a lack of desire to properly contextualize cases. In addition, most autopsy clinicians don’t report cases to the FDA.

Learn More: Turbo-Cancer. We Have A Problem.


More News & Information:​

Parents Refuse Use Of Vaccinated Blood In Life-Saving Surgery On Baby (The Guardian – 11/30/22)
Is The U.S. Blood Supply Tainted? (Children’s Health Defense – 10/06/22)
American Red Cross Under Scrutiny After Confessing It Does Not Separate Vaccinated From Unvaccinated Blood (Becker News – 09/23/22)

FDA Withholding Autopsy Results On People Who Died After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines (The Epoch Times – 09/30/22)
Mother Blames “Vaccinated Blood” For The Death Of Her One-Month-Old Baby Who Died From Blood Clot Following Blood Transfusion (Daily Clout – 09/28/22)
‘Metal-Like Objects’ Found In 94 Percent Of Group Who Had Symptoms After Taking mRNA Vaccines: Study (The Epoch Times – 09/06/22)
Shocking Microscopy Photos Of Blood Clots Extracted From Those Who “Suddenly Died” (Mike Adams – 06/12/22)
A Simple Way To End Vaccine Misinformation Immediately (Steve Kirsch – 03/21/22)

If they truly wanted to end vaccine hesitancy, all they have to do is require autopsies if you die within 60 days of vaccination and require the medical examiners to make the required tests to determine vaccine involvement (as doctors Bhakdi and Burkhardt have done) and publish them. Publishing a fraudulent report would be a criminal offense. This would end the debate. Or they could simply require all licensed embalmers to check for the telltale clots and make the numbers public. Again, it would be a crime to falsify reports. Or they could do both.

Steve Kirsch And Dr. Ryan Cole Discuss Dead People And Blood Clots As Stunning Graphic Evidence Is Filtering Up (Sage Hana
Pathologist Ryan Cole On The Mysterious Blood Clots (Steve Kirsch – 03/15/22)
Embalmer Conundrum “AHA” Moment (Marc Girardot – 03/12/22)
Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots (Steve Kirsch – 01/28/22)


The CDC Is Doing Absolutely Nothing To Investigate Embalmer Claims Of Vaccination-Caused Deaths


Embalmers, Doctors & Scientists Are Noticing Long Congealed Clots Up To 4 Feet Long!

“Dr. Reisa Pretorius, in her papers, has shown that you can take the spike protein in the absence of platelets, put it into platelet-poor plasma, and cause immediate clumping of the proteins in the absence of this little cascade that we always go through to form a clot. So that spike protein in and of itself, induces a highly unusual clumping of proteins in our bloodstream, and so this explains partially why we’re seeing some of these outcomes.”

— Dr. Ryan Cole


Embalmer Richard Hirschman Removes Unbelievable Blood Clot From Deceased Body

Embalmers from all over the country are reporting massive blood clots in deceased bodies. In some cases, the clots are being found in up to 90 percent of cases. In other cases, only 40 percent of cases. These clots are only appearing in vaccinated people and in people who have received blood transfusions. This video is from embalmer Richard Hirschman. The blood clot in this video is taken from the artery of a man who died after receiving a COVID vaccination. Hirschman is seeing these clots now in 83 percent of the 35 cases he did this month.


Dr. Ryan Cole: New Evidence Of Alarming Blood Clots In Vaccinated Dead People

Steve Kirsch And Dr. Ryan Cole Discuss Dead People And Blood Clots As Stunning Graphic Evidence Is Filtering Up (Sage Hana
Pathologist Ryan Cole On The Mysterious Blood Clots (Steve Kirsch – 03/15/22)


Autopsies Of Vaccinated People: mRNA Spike Protein Found EVERYWHERE!

“People who had taken the vaccine and then underwent autopsies — you could see the fingerprint of the vaccine everywhere in the body: the brain, the heart, the bone marrow . . . the messenger RNA itself stays in the human body for months . . . the spike protein in the human body — we estimate, after a vaccination — stays in the human body FOR OVER A YEAR! So, shot one: over a year; shot two, over a year, boosters every six months. The body is being loaded with a foreign pathogenic protein and it is in all the vital organs!”

— Dr. Peter McCullough


COVID Vaccines: Irrefutable Evidence Of Their Causative Role In Deaths After Vaccination


Embalmer Reveals Unusual Vaccine-Related Clotting In 65% Of Deceased People

“Richard Hirschman has been an embalmer for over 20 years. In 2021, he started noticing very odd blood clots that he had never seen before. In Jan 2022, 65% of his cases exhibited these clots. The only rational conclusion is that the clots, which are deadly, are all associated with the COVID vaccines. Nobody from the mainstream media or medical community wants to touch this story. It’s not just Richard who is seeing this; it is everyone in the industry he’s talked to about it. They are all seeing it, but Richard is the only person in the US (so far) willing to speak out about it. This 53 minute video may prove to be one of the most important videos of the year.”

— Steve Kirsch


Embalmer Discovers Veins & Arteries Filled With Never-Before-Seen Rubbery Clots

In this worldwide exclusive, Dr. Jane Ruby meets with board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. Mr. Hirschman reports that he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. He also reported that he has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%.


Dr. Arne Burkhardt – Pathology Of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths And Vaccine Injuries