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The New Zealand M.O.A.R. (Mother Of All Revelations) Covid-19 Vaccine Data Set


>>> Download A Copy Of The New Zealand Database Here <<<


“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change the world which yields most painfully to change.”

— Robert Kennedy


April 27, 2024

Rumble Refuses New Zealand Demand To Take Down Channel Reporting On Whistleblower Barry Young


April 17, 2024

Take Down Barry Young Content, Or Go To Jail, Face Huge Fines, Lose Your Equipment…


February 10, 2024

Liz Gunn, Barry Young & Dan Picknell: Update On The New Zealand Covid “Inquiry” (02/10/24 Update)


February 1, 2024

Liz Gunn Interviews Steve Kirsch: New Zealand Covid-19 Vaccine Data Set Update (February 1, 2024)


January 25, 2024

Health New Zealand Is At It Again! They Are Trying To Get My Site Taken Down. Not Going To Happen. (Steve Kirsch, January 6, 2024)

Health New Zealand is trying to enforce an order which was obtained under false pretenses claiming that there are “significant and irreparable adverse consequences for individuals and their families” through the publication of the obfuscated records. This is blatantly false.

They cannot identify a single record in the data that I publicly released that can cause “significant and irreparable adverse consequences for individuals and their families.” Not a single one. When I asked them to identify the MRN of any offending record so that I can voluntarily remove it, they refused to respond to my request. What they want is to have the entire database taken down to cover their crime. They’ve been killing people and they are unable to explain their own data.

Even top New Zealand experts can’t explain away the New Zealand data leaked by Barry Young. Epic fail every time. It’s ludicrous. For example, Janine Paynter got so pissed that I wasn’t falling for her bullshit handwaving arguments that she blocked me. Way to resolve conflict Janine! Maybe try data next time instead of nonsensical bullshit arguments?

Health New Zealand wants the public health data censored so the public won’t have the evidence to convict them of negligent homicide. It’s as simple as that. Sorry, but I’m not going to be a party to the cover up of the crime scene.

Please share this post widely, especially if you live in New Zealand.

My Generous Offer Sent To Health New Zealand Today. I Offered To Redact Any Record(s) Which Reveal Someone’s PHI. In Short, I’m Calling Their Bluff. (Steve Kirsch, January 6, 2024)


January 21, 2024

The New Zealand Data Leaked By Whistleblower Barry Young Is Unassailable Proof The Covid Vaccines Increase Your Risk Of Death (Steve Kirsch, 01/21/24)


December 20, 2023

Steve Kirsch Describes His Interactions With New Zealand’s Ministry Of Health


December 19, 2023

Stunning New Charts From The New Zealand Record-Level Data Shows A Large Gender Effect That Should Not Happen In A Safe Vaccine (Steve Kirsch, 12/19/23)
New Zealand Data Shows Up To 20% Higher Mortality For Males That Declines After Each Shot (Steve Kirsch, 12/19/23)


December 16, 2023

Yet Another Flawed “Fact Check” On The NZ Data (Steve Kirsch, 12/16/23)


December 14, 2023

The NZ Data Is Crystal Clear Evidence That The Covid Vaccine Is Deadly. A Simple, Stunning Example. (Steve Kirsch, 12/14/23)


December 12, 2023

New Zealand Vaccine Data w/ @va_shiva & Steve Kirsch (The Real Truther, 12/12/23)
New Zealand Whistleblower Released On Bail, Meanwhile Scientists Debate Meaning Of Leaked Vaccine Data (Michael Nevradakis, The Defender, 12/12/23)


December 11, 2023

Shootout On The New Zealand Vaccine Data w/ Steve Kirsch (The Real Truther, 12/11/23)

Steve Kirsch enters the conversation at the one hour, 10 minute mark: 01:10:00.

Steve Kirsch Tries, Unsuccessfully, To Have Civil Discussion About New Zealand’s COVID Vaccine Data


December 10, 2023

Kim Dotcom Discusses My New Zealand Analysis With Dr. Shiva Who Claims It Is Worthless; I’m Not Allowed To Speak (Steve Kirsch, 10/10/23)

That data can only be interpreted only one way. Unqualified experts like Dr. Shiva do Barry a huge disservice; they need to apologize for their errors and sloppy science. This data is the first time in the history of the world where record-level patient data related to a vaccine has been made publicly available. That is a huge deal. People should be ashamed of trying to discredit it. Any real scientist would be asking “what can we learn from the data given the limitation?” The correct answer: a great deal if you do the requisite analysis.

Kim Dotcom should have his next session where Dr. Shiva is challenged on his claims by people with credentials in the field like Professor Risch or Fenton. Kim: It’s time to expose the false prophets who spread misinformation like Dr. Shiva. And Kim Dotcom should apologize to his followers for giving Dr. Shiva a platform for spreading misinformation and follow through with a subsequent session where Dr. Shiva is held accountable for his false and misleading statements…

Kim.Com And Dr. Shiva Massively Mislead People On The New Zealand Data (Steve Kirsch, Liz Gunn)
What Does The Leaked Covid Vaccine Data Tell Us And Where To From Here (Kim Dotcom, Dr. Shiva do Barry)


December 7, 2023

Russell Brand Interviews Steve Kirsch About New Zealand Whistleblower Data & Related Topics

Whistleblower Data Release – A Smoking Gun (NZDSOS, 12/07/23)

Barry Young is just one man. One hero, within that great government monolith known as, The Ministry of Health, who is meant to be representing us, the people. Even if there was no experimental gene-therapy injection in the mix, the MOH should be urgently trying to find the cause of the recent escalation of deaths in NZ and resolving the problem. Why are the hospitals full? Why are so many who have been “vaccinated” regularly getting sick? Why are there so many thousands of Kiwis seriously injured? Why has the death rate increased for children from 0 — 4 over the past few years?

To the government: Please, do the right thing. Stop the experimental injection now and immediately bring forward the open investigation you promised. Release the information. Represent New Zealanders. Not off-shore cabals. Do not punish whistleblowers. Protect them. Listen. Investigate the situation. In dark times, it is often the whistleblower who stands between tyranny and freedom. They require genuine protection. Do so, for they are trying to protect us all. Including you. And please — be worthy of trust.


December 6, 2023

Health New Zealand: Where Is Your Analysis Of Your Data? Why Aren’t You Publishing It? (Steve Kirsch, 12/06/23)

When Health New Zealand’s (HNZ) Oracle DB administrator, Barry Young, sent the entire leadership team of HNZ an email to notify them of a huge safety signal in their own database, they didn’t ask any questions: they fired him immediately.

So Barry released the anonymized data which would expose the truth about what the New Zealand public health records contain without violating anyone’s privacy. 4M of the 12M records.

HNZ then decided to try to stop the truth from getting out. So they contacted Wasabi and MEGA and had them nuke my account and Kevin McKernan’s account even though neither of us had done anything wrong. Kevin lost years of work that cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. This is work relied on by other researchers all over the world.

HNZ failed to stop the distribution of the truth. EPIC FAIL.

So now what?

The genie is now (finally) out of the bottle, thanks to HNZ employee Barry Young. Barry will likely spend 7 years in prison for the crime of exposing a crime.

HNZ: I have an important message for you.

The only way you can mitigate damages now is to show us your analysis of your own data showing the COVID vaccines are completely safe.

Why are you hiding this? Surely, you have the analysis. Show us all the analyses you did since the start of the vaccine rollout. You have to show us all documents with dates, showing us every safety analysis you did on your own data. If you don’t we’ll get it via FOIA request.

It would be a more efficient use of your time to simply publish all these analyses now, rather than have hundreds of New Zealanders request it.

The only thing you can be sure of is that not a single mainstream media organization in the world will ask you for these analyses. Like you, they want to keep it hidden. So the NZ press, the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, CNN, 60 Minutes… you’re safe from them. They are never going to ask questions. The vaccine will never be unsafe in their eyes. They are all paid to look the other way by their advertisers.

But the public will ask via FOIA and you’ll have to respond. Are you going to fabricate documents that never existed? That would be criminal.

Or are you going to admit you never did a proper analysis of the data just like the California Department of Public Health never bothered to do any analysis either. Admit the truth.

Bottom line: Show us your analysis now, or the people of New Zealand will require it be produced under FOIA.

COVID Vaccine Death Data Leak Sparks Arrest: It ‘Blew My Mind’ (Matthew Impelli, Newsweek, 12/06/23)


December 5, 2023

Alex Jones Interviews New Zealand Whistleblower Barry Young, Along With Steve Kirsch & Liz Gunn


New Zealand Whistleblower Facing 7 Years In Prison For Exposing Mass Vax Deaths (Frank Bergman, Slay News, 12/05/23)
WARNING: If You Host The New Zealand M.O.A.R. Data, Your Hosting Account Could Be Terminated & You Could Lose All The Data On Your Server WITHOUT WARNING! (Steve Kirsch, 12/05/23)
A First Analysis Of The New Zealand Record-Level Data From Data Scientist Mike Deskevich (Steve Kirsch, 12/05/23)

Turns out the vaccine increases death rates in the first 6 months after the shot which persists for about a year before going back to baseline. And it’s the last dose that kills you – pulling forward death into that first year post shot . . . I don’t know about you, but I clearly see a peak in death rate about 6-months out from the last shot and that stays elevated above baseline (the red) for about a year…



December 4, 2023

Steve Kirsch Speaks To Members Of The U.K. Parliament About The Dangers Of COVID Vaccines (12/04/23)


New Zealand Doctors Discuss M.O.A.R. Covid-19 Vaccine Data Set

NZDSOS Website


“If There Is A Problem, How The Hell Are We Going To Know If People Don’t Do Their Job…”

Reference: Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination


The “Missing” Data Explained? (Voice For Freedom, 12/04/23)

After speaking with a source this morning, there appears to be a valid explanation for the missing vaccination data released by the New Zealand whistleblower, who is now in police custody . . . During New Zealand’s Covid-19 vaccination drive, individuals had a choice of the type of location where they could receive an injection. These choices were funded via different payment models:

• Bulk-funded providers, including drop-in mass vaccination centres and community mobile vaccination vans, working towards targets.

• Smaller pay-per-dose providers, including chemists, GP clinics, etc.

The payment system data exposed by the whistleblower was the latter of these two options. Some individuals may have had injections in both settings, which would account for records for some doses and not others…

To date, there appears to be no official denial of the accuracy of the downloaded Health NZ data set.


December 3, 2023

New Zealand Whistleblower Barry Young, Who Released Damning COVID-19 Vaccine Data To The World, Appears In Court


Lost In New Zealand (Jeff Childers, 12/03/23)

The New Zealand data, the arrested whistleblower, Steve Kirsch’s million-dollar bet, the critics, and all the rest of what we DO know about this explosive story.

We can learn several things from the official reporting:

1. They don’t deny the ‘leaker’ is (was) a health system employee, confirming Young’s claims.

2. They insist — often and loudly — that he’s not a ‘vaccine expert,’ again consistent with Young’s claim to be an Oracle database administrator.

3. They do NOT claim that Young’s data is fake, altered, compromised, or misrepresented in any way. So we can assume the Young Data is legit.

4. Most tellingly, they allege Young was “spreading misinformation” but never described the alleged misinformation, not even a little. The closest they get is implying that Young generally accused the jabs of being unsafe, which is not a crime, even in New Zealand.

5. Finally, it’s unsurprising Young was arrested, since after all he did leak confidential information. But it is shocking how fast they arrested him. By comparison, it took about 18 months to arrest Rebekah Jones, and then only after Florida police actually conducted an investigation. Young’s turbo-arrest looks like a cover up.

Te Whatu Ora Employee Charged With Covid-19 Vaccination Data Breach Granted Bail (Ethan Griffiths, New Zealand Herald, 12/03/23)

A man employed by Te Whatu Ora who is accused of dishonestly taking vaccination data that later spread rapidly on the internet had been granted bail.

Barry Young, 56, appeared in the Wellington District Court twice today, receiving a standing ovation from a full public gallery at his first procedural appearance this morning.

He returned to the dock this afternoon so a bail application could be heard. His application for an immediate release on bail was denied.

But Judge Andrew Nicholls did grant bail, as long as Young is released at 1pm tomorrow.

The reason for the delayed release cannot be reported due to statutory non-publication orders in the Bail Act. The conditions of Young’s bail were not read to the court.

The data allegedly taken by Young rapidly garnered both local and international attention over the weekend, after initially being shared by conspiracy theorist and former political candidate Liz Gunn…

Former Te Whatu Ora Worker Barry Young Appears In Court Accused Of Illegally Accessing Vaccine Database (William Hewett, Newshub, 12/03/23)

A 56-year-old man has appeared in court on Monday morning after being accused of leaking large amounts of Te Whatu Ora vaccination data online. Barry Young was arrested on Sunday and appeared before Wellington District Court judge Andrew Nicholls on Monday. He faces one charge of dishonestly accessing Te Whatu Ora databases with the maximum penalty being up to seven years of imprisonment. He has not entered a plea. A public gallery full of supporters stood and clapped when Young entered the courtroom. Judge Nicholls told them off, saying “any more disruption and I’ll ask you to leave”. . . He yelled “freedom” as he left the courtroom…


Update – NZ Whistleblower: He May Be A Sincere Person (Igor Chudov, 12/03/23)

At this point, I believe that Barry Young was more likely to be sincere than insincere in his intentions and actions.

My previous questions and comments about Liz Gunn’s statements about nursing home deaths and data quality still apply, with one exception: the partial nature of the data is explained by the fact that some shots were not paid through the system that Barry Young was supposedly administering. (I hope more clarity emerges).

This clarification is vital since I questioned the sincerity of the person who possibly risked his life to disclose data.

I greatly hope that, after thorough analysis, the data will yield useful information!


New Zealand Whistleblower Barry Young


Mortality Watch: New Zealand Death Rate



Police Arrest Man In Connection With Alleged Te Whatu Ora Mass Privacy Breach Of Covid Vaccination Data (Benjamin Plummer and Lincoln Tan, New Zealand Herald, 12/03/23)
Health Worker Arrested After Covid Vax Data Allegedly ‘Misused’ (New Zealand Herald, 12/03/23)

A health worker has been arrested and charged after allegedly misusing and disclosing vaccination data, while spreading misinformation about Covid-19, police told 1News this evening. The 56-year-old man will appear in the Wellington District Court tomorrow charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes, police said…


New Zealand Police Are Raiding Home Of Whistleblower Who Leaked Covid-19 Vaccine Mortality Data!


December 2, 2023


Jimmy Dore Interviews Steve Kirsch About New Zealand Whistleblower & The Damning NZ Vaccine Data


•  The New Zealand Vaccine Data: What I Actually Saw And Analysed And What The Limitations Are (Norman Fenton, 12/02/23)

If the dataset is a real, unbiased and representative subset of those vaccinated, then it is potentially one of the most important publicly available datasets for examining covid vaccine safety, despite the fundamental limitation imposed by absence of data on the unvaccinated. It provides evidence of lack of safety of the vaccine. However, some of the conclusions drawn from the data would be confounded if the claims that it contains a disproportionate number of vaccinee deaths is true. Steve Kirsch is adamant that there is no such bias because it a complete record of all ‘pay-per-dose’ vaccinations. If Steve is correct about this, then his conclusions about the evidence of lack of safety are reasonable.

What we can probably discount is the claim concerning batches with exceptionally high mortality rates. The claim that these batches were especially deadly due to the contents of the vaccine or its delivery is confounded by their very different age and time of vaccination profiles…

Summary Of New Zealand “Mother of All Revelations” Data (Betsy McDonel Herr, 12/02/23)

Steve, @ichudov was able to obtain the NZ database. He has been combing through it and has raised serious concerns with the quality of the raw data set. Red flags were first noted by @jikkyleaks followed by others chiming in with established qualifications whom you should recognize. At first look –too much missing data and anomalies. Too many discrepancies with other data points and facts we have about NZ. No wonder the host for the data set wants no one else looking under the hood, rather just uncritical acceptance of the so-called conclusions.

@NickHudsonCT explained having a prior opportunity to look at the NZ data and that project fizzling out because of problems–that event wasn’t disclosed to you apparently by the owner whistleblower. @USMortality thinks the data are so riddled with missing and problematic inconsistencies that it is rendered unanalyzable for purpose. @DowdEdward responded to the conversation indicating there may indeed be a scam underfoot. One aim potentially to undermine you, leaders in the movement. I suspect the focus on high rates of death purported to be associated with “vaccinator” is to shift blame from product to human error and thus muddy the waters of liability…

I Analyzed The “Leaked NZ Whistleblower Data” And Suggest To Be Wary Of It (Igor Chudov, 12/02/23)

• The “whistleblower data” is missing huge chunks of information that should logically be present.

• Liz Gunn of NZ is misinterpreting it by trying to pass normal nursing home deaths as evidence of “super deadly batches” and “mass vaccine casualties”

• The data has problems that are incompatible with the story of its origin. It cannot be a full snapshot from a working payment database. Therefore, the story of its origin is suspect.

• The actual vaccine casualties may reside in the missing pieces of data that the “database” does not provide.

Whistle Blower Data Release (Voices of Freedom, 12/02/23)

The whistleblower contacted us a couple of years ago. We kept in touch, and he wanted to wait until he had a more substantial data set. We checked in periodically and had a legal team and investigative journalist ready to tackle the story in 2021. Despite this, he was not ready to speak up.

It turns out that VFF was one of a number of organisations contacted by the whistleblower over the past two years. In fact, one organisation worked for eight months with the whistleblower in 2022/23, investing time, money, and travel on devising an arrangement for him to send the data set to independent data analysts overseas.

Against that backdrop, out of the blue, the whistleblower told Liz Gunn about the data in the hope that she would be able to help through Parliamentary privilege. Of course that was dependent on Liz being successfully elected to government, which did not eventuate. Instead, Liz put out a teaser video against the whistleblower’s wishes, which undercut entirely the organisation he’d been working with.

The whistleblower told us he was disappointed with this action and asked for our help to make contact with a specific influential team overseas.

Given everything that had happened: the contacting of the various groups, the investment of time already made by the other organisation and the problematic way the story had been broken without any comprehensive analysis to accompany it, we suggested that the whistleblower go back to the organisation he had been working with to honour those efforts…


December 1, 2023

Andrew Bridgen Is Told Damning New Zealand Vaccine Report ‘Has Been Debunked Around The World’


Andrew Bridgen, Liz Gunn, Barry Young Discuss The New Zealand M.O.A.R. Covid-19 Vaccine Data Set

Startling Surge In Deaths Of New Zealand Children: Did The Government Cover It Up? (@aussie17, 12/01/23)
Health Worker Spreads Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation: Te Whatu Ora Launches Employment Investigation, Health Minister Shane Reti Briefed (Raphael Franks, New Zealand Herald, 12/01/23)

Te Whatu Ora has launched an employment investigation after saying a health agency worker spread misinformation using government data about Covid-19 vaccines.

The employee had no clinical background or expert vaccine knowledge, Te Whatu Ora – Health NZ said. He is no longer at work.

Health Minister Shane Reti told the Herald he has been briefed by Te Whatu Ora’s chief executive and her senior leaders and said, “there are many conspiracy theorists out there”.

“Any suggestion that health data is being misused or misinterpreted on this scale is extremely concerning to me,” he said.


November 30, 2023

Must Watch! Steve Kirsch Presents Record-Level COVID-19 Vaccine Data From 3 Countries

Data From The New Zealand Ministry Of Health Shows That The Covid Vaccines Have Killed Over 10 Million Worldwide (Steve Kirsch, 11/30/23)

Summary Of What We Found

Record level vaccination-date/death data obtained from a whistleblower in the New Zealand Ministry of Health was analyzed using a standard time-series cohort analysis. The results remained consistent even after varying all four of the key independent variables (observation time window, days after shot, age, and dose number). The only way that can happen is if the COVID vaccines significantly increased mortality for those aged 60 and older, the very population that the vaccine was supposed to help. All five Bradford Hill causality criteria are satisfied. From this data, we can accurately estimate that overall, the mRNA vaccines led to the premature death of more than 1 person per 1,000 doses on average over all doses.

This estimate is supported by COVID death data from Medicare obtained from another whistleblower. The data from Medicare was stunning: the number of people who died rose monotonically for those who got shot in 2021 or 2022. My whistleblower inside HHS had never seen anything like that before. It was a perfectly straight line sloping upwards for 365 days since the dose was given. A safe vaccine would see a decline in deaths by 4% to 5% after 1 year from the shot. The COVID vaccines had a 26% mortality increase, a net difference of 30%. This makes the COVID vaccine a competitor to heart disease as the leading cause of death among the elderly (which kills 20% of people per year)…

New Zealand’s COVID Vaccine Massacre Exposed: The NZ Government’s Complicity In Mass Murder (Kiwi4Justice, FreeNZ, 11/30/23)

Mass murder. A massacre. It is the only description that is worthy of the bombshell evidence from a NZ government whistleblower in Liz Gunn’s M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations). It is a tragedy of unthinkable magnitude. The evidence that has now come forward from this whistleblower, and others, shows us that the NZ government’s roll out of the COVID vaccine was not just a crime, it was a massacre. The evidence and implications are inescapable and difficult to comprehend. But what is even more disturbing is that this was no accident. It was, and continues to be, willful mass murder.


Liz Gunn: The Mother Of All [COVID-19 Vaccine] Revelations (Data Revealed In This Video)


Liz Gunn: The Mother Of All Revelations (Tens Of Thousands Of NZ Deaths Are Linked To COVID-19 Jabs)


Liz Gunn Update: “I saw potentially 400 deaths linked to one vaccinator. This is horrific stuff!”


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