Living in this world is tough. Thankfully, near-death experiences (and other spiritually transformative experiences) are full of practical suggestions for how to handle the slings and arrows of life when they set our lives on fire. Here is a quick story and a few helpful links…


Krystal Winzer’s Encounter With Jesus


I asked the voice, are you God? And the answer I got was “Yes.”

The voice sounded masculine, but it was as if a waterfall or mountain could talk, if that makes sense. It sounded like no human voice I have ever heard before.

I had to ask this. I asked “Does Jesus exist?”

The answer I got was “Jesus is God.”

And then I realized that must be who I was talking to, the spirit of Jesus.

I even asked again to confirm. “Jesus is God?!” I asked.

And the response was “Yes.”

And this is going to sound silly, but I let it slip that I hated Christianity. And this voice of God laughed! God has a great sense of humor! Then I realized I didn’t hate Christianity and definitely did not hate Jesus, I just did not like some of his followers.

I asked this question, “Why am I so depressed all of the time?”

The response I got was “You forgot that I love you.”


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