#RemoveTheMask #RefuseTheJab #StopTheMadness
By David Sunfellow
Version 1.2

After meticulously tracking the “COVID-19 pandemic” since it began, I can now say that I am no longer sitting on the fence, wondering what is happening or what I should do about it. The time has come to speak out, clearly and unambiguously.

I will begin by saying that I am unequivocally opposed to wearing masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and rushed, experimental, side-effect-ridden COVID-19 vaccinations.

I am opposed to information being aggressively censored that does not agree with mainstream health experts and health organizations who have direct ties to and financial interests in Big Pharma — i.e., the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (FIN), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

I am opposed to civil liberties being suspended.

To small businesses being destroyed.

To schools being shut down.

To medical services being curtailed.

To sick and dying people being forced to suffer and die, alone, cut off from family and friends.

To individuals and families being isolated.

To domestic violence, child abuse, divorce rates, murder rates, suicide rates, depression, and mental illness increasing.

To the disproportionate suffering of the poor and the wholesale destruction of the middle class.

To governments making their citizens dependent on stimulus checks and financial bailouts because they have systematically destroyed the ability of their people to take care of themselves.

To all attempts to force people to get vaccinated with experimental, health-compromising drugs or face the possibility of losing their jobs, being unable to shop in stores or attend public events, being prevented from attending school, being removed from government programs, or being unable to travel.

In my view, the damage caused by mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, and experimental vaccinations has been extraordinarily thoughtless, careless, destructive, draconian, and unwarranted. No free society should tolerate this kind of behavior.

Likewise, the data the public has been force-fed concerning COVID-19 has been grossly misrepresented. Contrary to the breathless, ad nauseam certainty that mainstream news anchors relay to their viewers, COVID-19 tests are not accurate or reliable, nor do we know, with certainty, how many people have contracted the virus, how many people have fallen seriously ill from it, or how many people have died from it. Instead of providing clear, calm, accurate data, the information that is available about COVID is incomplete, half-baked, and partial. It has also been heavily doctored. But that hasn’t prevented mainstream news outlets from finding dramatic and dire ways to use the dubious data that is available to incite panic and cause a fearful public to sheepishly do whatever government and health officials tell them to.

Based on the information I have collected, two main forces appear to be responsible for the epic mess we find ourselves in:

1. Brazen, psychopathic, criminally-culpable pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are the main ones who have instigated, directed, funded, and financially benefitted from COVID-19 madness.

2. Individuals, governments, and organizations, including mainstream news media and social media companies have enabled pharmaceutical companies to get away with murder (literally) by unquestioningly following the self-serving agendas of these dominant, insidious, near all-powerful companies.

Where is Mike Wallace when we need him? Where are real journalists who do real research, ask real questions, and refuse to provide corrupt, self-serving people a megaphone to spread lies and misinformation?

Thankfully, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has been asking uncomfortable questions, sharing unpleasant facts, and sounding the alarm. But it hasn’t been a fair fight. The powers that be refuse to debate him and won’t allow him to respond to accusers that attack him on mainstream platforms. He has also been deplatformed on some social media networks. In a free, open, healthy society, Kennedy (and other advocates for truth like him) would be invited to share what they have learned and allow people to decide for themselves the value of their message.

Including Kennedy, here are a few of the censored voices we should be listening to:

The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)
The Defender (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)
The Highwire (Del Bigtree)
Informed Consent Network (ICAN) (Del Bigtree)
Vaxxed, The Movie (Del Bigtree)
National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
The Vaccine Reaction
NVIC Advocacy Portal
• Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)
Joseph Mercola

And be sure to read this article from Kennedy that describes how Bill Gates and other powerful individuals began planning how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a table-top simulation of a worldwide pandemic, known as Event 201:

Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship Of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media, China And CIA (The Defender – 03/11/21)

So here we are: masked, isolated, locked down, and desperate to get a vaccination that will, hopefully, save us (and those we love) from all manner of unpleasant maladies, including death.

Simply put, I think we’ve lost our way; we’ve opened our doors to fear and allowed it to rampage through our homes, our families, our businesses, our country, other countries, smashing doors, windows, walls, lights, whatever it can. What can be done to restore some balance and sanity?

I encourage everyone who watches mainstream news programs and follows, unquestioningly, the medical experts on these programs, to turn off their TVs. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Spend some time in nature. If maintaining or restoring health is a concern of yours (as it should be for all of us), then find people who are honestly healthy, not fake TV healthy, and learn from them what real health looks like and how it can be achieved.

I encourage everyone who uses toxic, side-effect-producing chemicals (in the form of prescription drugs, vaccinations, and carcinogenic additives that are injected into our bodies, orchards, fields, food, beauty products, soaps, bottles, clothing, furniture, water, and air) to read the warning labels on the packages and stop using and/or consuming these products. Replace them with healthy, natural, organic alternatives.

I encourage everyone who has been censored (as I have) for posting information about alternative means of health and healing to find censorship-free platforms where free speech, learning from others who think differently than we do, and healthy collaborating is respected and encouraged.

I encourage everyone who wants to have a healthy body, live a healthy life, and pass on healthy lifestyles to future generations, to rise up and say enough is enough. Corrupt and/or clueless corporate and government entities should not be telling us that we have to compromise our health by covering our faces, restricting our breathing, and injecting our bodies with dangerous, experimental serums. They should not telling us who we can, and cannot, associate with. Or how many people we are permitted to be in the same room with. Or how far apart we must stand before we greet a loved one or friend. Or when or if we can go outside for a walk. Those decisions are ours. We are a free people, in charge of our own lives, bodies, thoughts, movements, speech. We need to remove these fear-mongering, self-serving, civilization-crushing forces from the driver’s seat. They are driving us off a cliff.

COVID-19 does not warrant the kind of Orwellian response the powers that be have been cramming down our throats.

One more time:

COVID-19 does not warrant the kind of Orwellian response the powers that be have been cramming down our throats.

The massive, over-zealous, profoundly destructive call-to-arms that Big Pharma has engineered is absolutely unwarranted. It has been created for their benefit (their profit), not ours. We need to put an end to it. Now. By refusing to participate in the madness.

Take off your mask. Refuse to orbit those you love at safe distances. Resist all efforts to isolate your body in closed spaces away from the rest of life. Reject all attempts to inject your body with vaccines that have already killed, maimed, and compromised the immune systems of thousands of people.

Instead, take a deep breath, walk outside, and start living your life again as a free person who accepts responsibility for maintaining their own health and well being and doesn’t depend on Big Brother (or Big Sister) to tell them what to do, when to do it, or how to do it.

Why am I so sure the COVID-19 crisis is overblown? Why do I think the recommendations being made by society’s most credentialed “health experts” are bogus, dangerous, and misguided? Visit these links to find out:

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“The lockdowns are the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years. We will be counting the catastrophic health and psychological harms, imposed on nearly every poor person on the face of the earth, for a generation.”

— Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford University Medical School (Source: Newsweek)

“Emerging data has shown a staggering amount of so-called ‘collateral damage’ due to the lockdowns. This can be predicted to adversely affect many millions of people globally with food insecurity [82-132 million more people], severe poverty [70 million more people], maternal and under age-5 mortality from interrupted healthcare [1.7 million more people], infectious diseases deaths from interrupted services [millions of people with Tuberculosis, Malaria, and HIV], school closures for children [affecting children’s future earning potential and lifespan], interrupted vaccination campaigns for millions of children, and intimate partner violence for millions of women. In high-income countries adverse effects also occur from delayed and interrupted healthcare, unemployment, loneliness, deteriorating mental health, increased opioid crisis deaths, and more.”

— Dr. Ari Joffe is a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at University of Alberta (Source: COVID Lockdown: Harms Are 10 Times Greater Than Benefits)

“The coronavirus pandemic has been a great tragedy, there can be no doubt about that. But it has also exposed profound issues in America that now threaten the very principles of freedom and order that we Americans often take for granted.

“First, I have been shocked at the enormous power of the government, to unilaterally decree, to simply close businesses and schools by edict, restrict personal movement, mandate behavior, and eliminate our most basic freedoms, without any end and little accountability.

“Second, I remain surprised at the acceptance by the American people of draconian rules, restrictions, and unprecedented mandates, even those that are arbitrary, destructive, and wholly unscientific.

“This crisis has also exposed what we all have known existed, but we have tolerated for years: the overt bias of the media, the lack of diverse viewpoints on campuses, the absence of neutrality in big tech controlling social media, and now more visibly than ever, the intrusion of politics into science. Ultimately, the freedom to seek and state the truth is at risk here in the United States.”

— Scott W. Atlas, MD, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution (Source: The Last Word)

“. . . lockdown policies have been extraordinarily harmful. The harms to children of closing in-person schooling are dramatic, including poor learning, increased school dropouts, and social isolation, most of which are far worse for lower income groups.

“A recent study confirms that up to 78% of cancers were never detected due to missed screening over three months. If one extrapolates to the entire country, up to a million new cases or more over nine months will have gone undetected. That health disaster adds to missed critical surgeries, chemotherapy, organ transplants, presentations of pediatric illnesses, heart attack and stroke patients too afraid to call emergency services, and others, all well documented.

“Beyond hospital care, CDC reported four-fold increases in depression, three-fold increases in anxiety symptoms, and a doubling of suicidal ideation, particularly among young adults — college age — after the first few months of lockdowns, echoing the AMA reports of drug overdoses and suicides. An explosion of insurance claims for these psychological harms in children just verified this, doubling nationally since last year; and in the strictly locked down Northeast, there was a more than 300% increase of teenagers visiting doctors for self-harm.

“Domestic abuse and child abuse have been skyrocketing due to the isolation and specifically to the loss of jobs, particularly in the strictest lockdowns. Given that many in-person schools have been closed, hundreds of thousands of abuse cases are never reported, since schools are the number one agency where abuse is noticed. Finally, the unemployment ‘shock’ from lockdowns, according to a recent NBER study, translates into what they called a ‘staggering’ 890,000 additional U.S. deaths over the next 15 years from the lockdowns, disproportionately affecting minorities and women.

“We know we have not yet seen the full extent of the damage from lockdowns, because it will last for years, even decades. Perhaps that is why lockdowns were not recommended in previous pandemic analyses, even for infections with far higher lethality . . . To determine the best path forward necessarily means admitting that social lockdowns and significant restrictions on individuals are deadly and extraordinarily harmful, especially on the working class, minorities, and the poor.”

— Scott W. Atlas, MD, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution (Source: The Last Word)

“By the time his landlord found him, the older man must have been on the floor of his apartment for days. He was too delirious to tell us what had happened, but his labs and exam told the story for him. He was living alone, dehydrated and malnourished, his muscles wasted, bones protruding. There was no infection to explain his decline. He had not suffered a stroke or a seizure. His was a story of isolation, of what can happen to a person who is deprived of human contact. Our patient had successfully avoided the coronavirus, but he was a casualty of the pandemic all the same.

“We have spent the past year reacting to crisis after crisis, planning for the next wave and tallying the cost of this virus in body count. Here in the hospital, where we meet patients in extremis, it often feels as though the alarms are so loud that it is impossible to hear anything else. But now, as the number of new coronavirus cases mercifully falls throughout the country, a quieter suffering demands our attention. Though we have always known that the cost of this pandemic would be greater than the number of the dead, we are only beginning to understand its true magnitude. In what might be a final wave of this pandemic, we find ourselves treating patients who have avoided the virus only to succumb to its many unintended consequences — addiction, untreated disease and despair.”

— Daniela Lamas, a pulmonary and critical care doctor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Source: We Focused On Covid. Now Our Other Patients Are Suffering.)

“It’s so obvious that it should not have to be said but by August, open states had far better economic outcomes than closed states. It’s also why we are seeing a huge migration from closed states to open states.

“The pattern here is far too pronounced to avoid causal inference. Shutting things down causes things to shut down. As for how that affected disease outcomes, AIER (American Institute Of Economic Research) has documented fully 31 studies showing that nothing governments did to control this virus had any measurable impact.

“Nor are lockdowns a necessary or inevitable means reducing coronavirus deaths. There is now incontrovertible evidence demonstrating that states and nations that locked down fared no better in terms of reducing coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, than those that did not impose government mandated shutdowns.

“And yet we cannot even speak honestly about the astronomical costs of lockdowns until our mainstream media outlets at least begin to speak the word. They need to acknowledge the existence of the most devastating policy decision in many lifetimes, a use of government power we never imagined possible and one with catastrophic effects.

“Could it be that they do not want to acknowledge that lockdowns failed because so many pushed them for a large part of 2020 and now want to avoid responsibility? Admitting error is hard. Or maybe there is an easier answer. Recognizing and naming the lockdowns draws attention to a terrible reality: all of this was preventable. It’s almost too difficult to accept.

“And with that comes an unwillingness to recognize that there is a huge revolt against lockdowns brewing in this country. It’s not crazy people who resent having been stripped of their rights. It’s regular people coast to coast. The trust in public health authorities is collapsing minute by minute. It can be seen in the reluctance of large swaths of the population to take the vaccine.

“Regardless, journalists for mainstream outlets cannot make that reality disappear by continuing to pretend — as they have for most of the last 10 months — that the lockdowns never happened. Americans are realizing that lockdowns were pointless, unnecessary, and destructive. Those who hold positions of authority in politics in the media, and who have engaged in lockdown denialism for the past 12 months will soon face a reckoning.”

— Jeffrey A. Tucker (Source: The Entrenchment of Lockdown Denialism)

COVID-19 Lockdowns & Resistance Resource Page



“On the Children’s Health Defense website, we publish every peer-reviewed study we can find on mask efficacy, regardless of their conclusions. We have identified over 35 placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed studies to date. We have not been able to find any peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled study that supports the efficacy of masks against viral or bacteriological transmission — even in hospital settings. Meanwhile, dozens of studies suggest negative efficacy and several link masks to a grim inventory of respiratory, pulmonary, dental, gastrointestinal and dermatological injuries.

“I am always careful to say that the one-sided findings refuting mask efficacy in the existing peer-reviewed literature do not mean that masks are ineffective against COVID-19 transmission. Most of the published research focuses on influenza transmission. Researchers have yet to comprehensively study the specific efficacy of masks against COVID-19. Future research may yet demonstrate a beneficial association. However, the popular claim that ‘science supports masking’. . . is simply inaccurate.”

— Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Source: Letter to NPR)

Surgeon Destroys Myth: ‘If Masks Don’t Work, Why Do Surgeons Wear Them?’
COVID-19 Mask Resource Page



For a growing list of serious side effects, including death, that are associated with COVID-19 vaccinations, go here:

COVID-19 Vaccination Resource Page
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For two especially dangerous long-term COVID-19 potential vaccination side effects, go here:

COVID-19 & Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)
Geert Vanden Bossche – Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately!

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are intervening in such a massive way in a pandemic. That has never ever occurred before . . . If you ask me, the pandemic is already out of control because of these highly infectious strains . . . The worst is still to come. It won’t stop with mass vaccinations. It is going to be a huge and incredible disaster!”

“I don’t call this a vaccination campaign. I call this ONE BIG EXPERIMENT! Where is the scientific evidence? Where is the scientific rational that this is going to have a happy ending? You cannot find it anywhere.”

— Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM, is a vaccine research expert (Source: Geert Vanden Bossche – Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately)

To read the extraordinary letter that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote President Joe Biden, urging him to overhaul the country’s failing vaccine surveillance system, go here:

RFK, Jr. To President Biden: No. 1 Driver Of Vaccine Hesitancy Is Mistrust Of Regulators

To learn more about vaccines in general, go here:

• ‘Vaccine Secrets’: What Parents Should Know Before They Vaccinate Their Kids
• Vaccination Resource Page

Backup Link To Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Video

“If we do not get up off our knees and stop worshiping scientists and doctors who have too little knowledge and have been given too much power, tomorrow we will not be able to get on a bus, train or plane; enter a store or sports arena; obtain a driver’s license or passport, file our taxes or function in society without getting every vaccine that industry creates and the government orders us to get…”

— Barbara Loe Fisher, President & Co-Founder of National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)






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Email: freedom@icandecide.org


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